Who cares how I look?

Vanity vanity!
Ughh why does life make us so vain? The pressure to look good every time I step out the house is getting on my last nerve!
I have decided I will only put the effort to look nice when its needed.  Yea yea, shame on me. :/ But looking nice takes a lot of work for me.
My hair is like a full time job and then my skin is another. And don't get me started with clothing! If I look nice preggo it's because I well put effort into it!  And though pregnancy makes me feel more beautiful, it also makes me feel tired...tired of trying to look good lol!
Today I had to run to the store to pick up something and saw 3 people I knew.  One just had to greet me! My face looked serious, I wasn't smiling, what possessed this person to yell my name and say hello from across the street is beyond me?  FYI people...you don't always have to say hello if u see them on the street, especially  if they haven't seen u!  The other two people I dodged and I swear saw another person I knew but I was walking too quickly to really take in if it was them or not.
When I run errands I often have little desire to talk to anyone. I also have little desire to get dolled up for little errands.
Its def getting harder to pull off the hot mama look this late in the game.  I promise to still try but sheesh it's tiring me out!  I love that I have a hubby that loves me as is. And that I can be comfortable being myself around. I would hate to feel I needed to wear makeup or look pretty every day for him.
While he is worth it I think men appreciate the change in looks more than the consistent pretty. U have a few ugly days and then blow them away with a pretty....keeps em guessing!  That's my motto at least!
I always find after I give birth this strong desire to look pretty and do myself up.  But ATM...I could care less!!

Well guys that's my little preggo rant for the day! 

At least feet take little to no effort to look pretty! Just hire a professional! :)


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