34 Weeks...

Symptoms of the Week: Lower back pain! Just when I thought I had escaped back pain it came and kicked me in the butt! 
I think it's from moving Gary's office down two floors! But I also do feel my little one has moved lower into my pelvis. However it only lasted 48 hours!  So Yay!  Today I am normal again!
Craving of the Week: Didn't have any this week. Actually food doesn't seem very appealing to me lately.  I just want to drink!
Peak of the Week: Teehee! My shower!  It was amazing and deserves its own post...soon to come!
Peev of the Week:
Excitement keeping me up some nights.  I need to learn not to think about Prestons arrival before bed time!
Bump and Baby: I don't know all the specifics, but I do know he's a big BOY!
I can't wait to see his sweet face! Ahhh! So exciting!  His movement  this week have been very distinct!! Also I have been getting braxton Hicks contractions more regularly again.  I guess my body is gearing up!  Not much longer now!  So bitter sweet!


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