Nursery, Emotions and Heat, No Doc

Guess whats in a BIG brown box on my living room floor?
That's right! It's Preston's crib.
We were blessed with it by a couple in church!
It was dropped off earlier this week! :)

Originally we planned to have my hubby build the crib from scratch.  Now that we have been blessed with this crib, he will be making Preston's change table instead. 

As I looked down at this huge box the reality of my little one coming is getting more apparent.  My emotions are mounting up by the second!  That feeling of being on the brink of tears is still there...and ready to make an appearance any day now(I fear it won't be pretty)!  I walked into Babies R us the other day and nearly cried.  I watched a Vlog of birth story and bawled like a baby( the video is linked in this post.....please watch and comment if you cried too! LOL).  Crying during birth stories is a norm for me, however I usually cry right when the baby is put on the mother's chest...this time I was crying from start to finish! LOL  During my photo-shoot I had moments I wanted to tear up...ugggh this is ridiculous!  Of course it's happy tears, but one feels a bit silly tearing up for EVERYTHING!

Anyhow this morning my wonderful Dad brought me paint, brushes and a tray to paint. What a blessing he is! We very well may paint the nursery tonight!  I wanted to have it painted before I set up the crib.  We will need to officially move hubby's office downstairs. Something I feel bad about...but has to be done!  I think another reason I have waited so long to set up nursery is for that very reason.  However  now with a month and a bit left of pregnancy...possibly's time! LOL

On to other topics..this heat is killing me!  What person in their right mind plans to be 8/9 months pregnant in summer?  Oh!  While there are many perks...trying to find one lol), I think being 9 months pregnant in June/July is complete foolishness!  I AM SOOOOO HOT!  I am not even a heavy sweater.  I usually don't get hot very easily...but these days I feel like a furnace!  Also we haven't turned on the air/con yet...because well it's just May after all!  The only positive of being this hot is that it keeps my pores clear and me drinking crazy amounts of water! :D

Also it's not like once you have the baby you are magically back to normal.  NO... often you get hot flashes as your bodies hormones go back to normal.  Breast feeding can make you sweat like a beast and holding a baby all the time in this heat probably isn't all the comfortable either! Geez Louise, it's gonna be a hot summer for me! :0

I didn't have my usual check up this week.  I was excited at the time to be able to skip/prolong and apt.  My doc said her office was going to be a zoo this week so she recommended coming the following week. 
I was sooo happy... I feel lately I have lived at the DR's.  However missing my apt this week felt very odd.   I found myself panicking over everything.  Starting next week I will be going weekly:D  I lool forward to next week as I have much to talk with my Dr about as well as booking my final ultrasound of my pregnancy! 


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