A flash forward & look backwards!

This time next year I will be a mother of three! My dearest son will be almost 1 and pregnancy will be LONG behind me. :(
The older I get, the faster life seems to go! I hate it! Well, there are times we would rather fast forward through...but all in all life is a gift to be enjoyed!
As I sit on the eve of mother's day I am filled with much gratitude.  This time last year I had no idea what was in store for myself and my family.
A friend asked me what I would do differently with my son compared to my daughters.  Thoughts like baby wearing and easing up on sleep training came to mind but if truth be told I want to treasure the first year.
Most moms spend the first year waiting for it to be over. So much happens to your child in the span of one year. They go from not being able to do anything... To walking and talking??  Some how we miss the process in our sleep deprived lives, but this time I plan to cherish every stage.
I told a brother from church today as I set up for our mothers day luncheon that although pregnancy can be hard on the body and emotionally, I have ZERO desire to speed up the next few weeks.  It's a time I will never get back!
What an awesome mothers day gift God has given me this year!  Pregnant with my first son!  I truly feel like I have it made.  Two beautiful, hilarious girls and a little son on the way!  :D God is good!


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