Week 30- let the count down begin

This week I am really not up to posting...but i will go ahead anyway...
Symptoms of the week-
Hair loss- yup. My hair was falling out. Not cool. Very vexing.  I see my doc Thursday but needless to say I am not impressed:/
Itchy witchy skin to the MAXIMUM!
It's like bugs crawling under my skin. I hate it and once again, am not impressed!:/
Leg cramps or shakes.  My leg will randomly twitch or cramp up on me.  How exciting??
Craving of the Week- ice cold water!
I come back to the h20 craving quite frequently!  No other beverage satisfies.  I am also craving good sleep. I am def in the  last stages of pregnancy and sleep is becoming much more sparse.  Over the weekend I got a 3 hrs night sleep and was up bright eyed after that.  Though I felt fine, mentally I knew I needed more sleep.
Peak of the Week- May is here! May is filled with so many good things. This month will probably be the highlight of pregnancy. I just hope I am feeling better to fully enjoy it!:/
Peev of the Week- I covered those in my symptoms lol!  I have to admit though I am feeling a bit frustrated with some of my physical issues I am in no rush to have pregnancy over and done with. Which is strange?  But I thoroughly love being pregnant and will enjoy it too the very last day!  That's the attitude I am keeping!
Bump and Baby
Baby is the size of a winter quash this week. Weighing in at 3 lbs (prb more)
He has a definite sleep wake schedule. 
I finally got his movement on camera and hope to upload it here!
He kicks mostly on my upper right side. It even tickles some times.  He seems to be on a slant. Not head down yet or not as per last ob visit.  I see my Dr every two weeks now.  Going more frequently is making things feel super real now.
Funny story:  I like to watch baby births and labor stories. Every single time the baby is born I cry.  Like it's my own!
I will be a hot mess come this labor.  I even tear up thinking about him being born.  Today I was playing 'song for mama' to practice to special music on mother's day and started tearing up!  My oldest was like 'uh what's wrong? And my youngest just started fake crying to join in! Loool


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