Project Nursery: Preston's Room Debut

Welcome to Preston's Nautical Nursery
This past Monday, myself and a couple sisters from church hunkered down and finished the nursery.
What we thought would only take a couple of hours turned into an all night affair. We truly had a blast though, with the hubby joining in to show us 'how it's done' periodically!
Now everything is perfect, clothes are washed and put neatly away.  Baskets are stocked, everything is in the perfect place so I can reach things readily.   I even have some storage space to spare! 
Over all I am thoroughly thrilled with how it turned out!  And thankful to all those who made this room what it is.  Everywhere I turn are wonderful reminders of the amazing,  loving people we have in our lives.
Funny story:While we were working, I was getting braxton hicks contractions quite frequently.  The girls were a bit nervous as they were coming back to back.  I told them even if my water breaks right now we are finishing this nursery tonight!! Lol
Thankfully they subsided.  Though they were uncomfortable it wasn't getting unbearable. However, they did get stronger at one point.
Ironically, it doesn't matter how many times you have been in labor, it's still hard to believe it's happening.  With Miya ( my first time going into labor without induction) I was in denial.  I had all the symptoms, yet chalked it up to not feeling well.  It wasn't until I lost my mucus plug it really hit me 'oh I am in labor'.
I hate unnecessary hospital trips and getting worked up over every contraction, back ache and pressure.  I must admit  though I was playing it cool with the girls, for a few contractions I was a little nervous.  Would you believe,  it all stopped once we were done!? 
I am so excited to meet, hug, snuggle and kiss this little man.  I always hear how amazing the bond is between a Momma and her son!  If it's anything like how I felt when my daughters were born, I am in trouble! Lol just when you think you can't love anymore you realize your heart has a whole lot more room!

On another note:

I got this bright idea this morning to postpartum-ify my wardrobe.
I emptied all my drawers and filled them with clothes that would be nursing friendly and flattering to my postpartum physique.

I also took the liberty to hang 10 pre-picked church outfits for me to wear.  This way I don't have to think about what to wear or what goes with what?  I thought this was genius... As literally all I have to do is open my closet and pull out an outfit.  Why didn't I think of this last time?

I am trying to do as many things to make life 'easier' for me once the baby arrives. De-cluttering my wardrobe and having all nursing friendly outfits in there will make things easy to keep organized...and laundry minimal.

Also after having a baby...who wants to have that pencil skirt and slim fit top just hanging there taunting your postpartum muffin top :O.  Lol
Here are some photo's  of my little sons room! I am thrilled with the turn out! :D Thanks again to my helpers and family & friends that blessed us with so many of the things in this room!
This shelf gave all of us a run for our money!!
IT TOOK FOREVER!!! Just when we thought we
had the step right...we didn't! Good memories though!
At this point we had already been working on the shelf one hour..hadn't gotten past step one! LOL
A Nautical Crib.  I love how the sides of the crib look like waves!

A few momentos from his shower, I plan to add photo's to this board!

Loving this lamp!  Next to it is a jar filled with
sweet notes for Preston from friends & Family!

Our change table...a Rodney design! LOL
The picture & quilt that have stolen my heart :D

Tadah!! All finished :D


  1. This is gorgeous! What a special room! Seems like just a few weeks ago you were posting about your nautical nursery plans and here it is! :D

    1. :D. Time really flies. Seems like a dream to me

  2. What a blessed little man he will be ! Counting down the days!!! :D

  3. What a blessed little man he will be ! Counting down the days!!! :D

    1. I know! He really is! I can't wait for him to meet every one ,:D


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