33 Weeks and Counting

Week 33
This week is filled with just too much excitement for my little self to contain!
I am soaking up and cherishing all of it... seasons like this don't come everyday!!
Symptom of the Week:
Does excitement count?  Lol I honestly am so amazed how good I feel. Now officially off bed rest I have been going on walks every other day and just getting this body moving.  The only physical complaint I have, would be feeling a little stiff when I wake up!  And that's a norm with or without pregnancy. So I will take these lack of symptoms gladly!  I briefly had back pain today which subsided!
Sleep is still great ..unless I am excited lol I notice if I don't drink enough water I get a little brain fog! 
Craving of the Week:
Same old really.  Good old h20, frozen cherries, mangoes.  Anything cold really.
A little peak from the photo shoot
Peak of the week:
There are too many!
But one is a bump photo shoot!
I will post a separate entry for that :D
Another peak...I signed up for a diaper subscription!  Each month I will have diapers and wipes delivered right to my door and the coolest part about these diapers....I get to pick the design's... guess what design they had? Yup...nautical... Anchors to be specific!
For more info on where to get this deal check out www.honest.com
Peev of the Week
I don't have one this week!  Lol um let me think hard...my frozen cherries are all done? Lol
I had one day that I just felt like I wanted to cry the whole day. Lol. Absolutely no reason...just on the brink of tears! Haha!
I never did cry but it was a weird feeling.
Bump and Baby
Mr Man is over 4 lbs this week and 17 inches long!  Today I was playing with him.  I would push, he would push back. At one point it felt like a little foot or ankle pushing out against my hand.  I quickly hugged my stomach.  A real little baby is inside my right now!:0
I know that sounds like a given, but the miracle of life never ceases to amaze me!!
Also starting to think my belly dropped? Seems lower to me...
Well that's a wrap for week 33!
34 here we come!!


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