A Day in the Life of a Model

This past week I was blessed to have to opportunity to take a little bump photo shoot.
A friend that is an aspiring photographer surprised me with this precious gift!
She bought me a beautiful new dress for the shoot and came prepared with props.

I have said it so many times over the years but I truly have THE best friends in the entire world!
My life long friend who is a manger at Mac had me come in to get my makeup done!
Life long besties!
I was surrounded with customers and well wishing staff that would smile and watch my makeup get done by the "manager".  This is a rare event because she is usually bottled up in a room doing admin or just making sure the store is run well.

When I arrived she smiled and said 'I am so happy you're here...I just want to do someone's MAKEUP'.
I have known her since we were in preschool, and she has done my makeup tons and tons of times over the years...and maybe she has even done yours if your reading. (she's like the church makeup artist lol) But I still get excited every time her brushes grace my face! :D

When I was all done I headed home where my "photographer awaited me' and quickly got changed.
First she started with some casual pictures in my room.  We used my special Daddy Hand Print tank top that was used as a gender reveal photo a few months back. I took pictures with each of my family members and laughed at how awkward it can be to act naturally! LOL

We went outside for some sweet pictures at the park in my new coral dress she had bought me!  I felt so strange with half the parks occupants watching me yet again! LOL  I looked quite over dressed for a trip to the park that's for sure! LOL

We finished at my home with some shots with a book called "Are you my mother?".
We attempted some glamorous shots on my shag rug...but I just couldn't get serious enough to look that "diva". Maybe next time...wait there will be no next time! LOL

Sadly she would only let me see two pictures :( The rest will be a surprise...oh how I loathe surprises!  She got quite the kick out of it and said "it makes it fun for her this way'.  LOL She's lucky I love her or I would have hijacked that camera and looked! LOL
I did get my daughter to sneak a few pics here and there.  SO here is a small glimpse of whats to come...excuse poor image quality!

I took this random shot after the shoot! LOL
I just LOVE this shot! 


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