Head Down!! Coke & Sushi

So I am 33 weeks and this little guy still isn't head down!

This has been making me nervous since week 29! Miya was head down at 36 and tiana was too...so why I am nervous is beyond me!?

My doc keeps saying he has plenty of time to flip.  But he's not breech either.  He is transverse which basically means he is laying side ways in my tummy. Maybe more on a slant but sideways all the same :/

He seems to be pretty comfortable in this position. I have tried all sorts of maneuvers to get home boys head to head south lol...but to no avail so far!

The problem with a transverse laying baby is it is impossible to deliver vaginally. So usually a c section would be required.

Though I am believing I won't need that, I have been researching and learning about c sections just so I am not caught off guard.  Really a c section can happen to anyone even if the baby is head down and given I have only had vaginal births I never gave a c section much thought.

While I certainly wish, hope and pray this won't be my fate, it doesn't hurt to prepare!

Please Pray guys his head goes down...and quick! :)

In the mean time today I treated myself to a California roll and a coke!  There was no raw fish in my food...no worries. Just shrimp and crab.  Oh how I love sushi!  And the coke with lime just topped it off. I forgot how good coke was.  I have prb only had coke on two other occasions during pregnancy!  I am not overly extreme, I do stay away from coke preggo or not, as it's not very healthy but a small indulgence won't hurt. 

Here's to a down turned head by week 34!!

Below is a pick of my youngest. She gave birth to an average sized healthy brown pillow! Momma & pillow are doing well!  Haha


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