Gonna Miss this!

Today was a busy day for me.
We moved hubbies office out and got Preston's room ready for painting.

After all the hard work of going up and down the stairs carrying this and that, my feet and back were not impressed.  So I headed off to my bi-weekly appointment at the nail salon. 

I just love going to this salon and today was extra special. There was going to be a bit of a wait and another lady was still ahead of me.  After the 15 min walk there, I was sort of looking forward to being taken immediately... My feet needed a desperate soak in some cool water.

After about a 3 minute wait, they called the lady ahead of me.  She kindly said 'no let the pregnant lady go first'.  My eyes lit up in gratitude. Talk about special treatment. Then the staff helped me up ( I didn't need help lol) Helped me sit(once again not needed). Even wanted to take off my shoes. It's like preggo ladies are holy in this shop lol!

As I walked home, I began to think about how my pregnancy is practically over. Granted I have just a short amount of time compared to the 34 weeks I have already been pregnant.
I began to tear up thinking about how I never again will feel the twists and kicks of a baby in my stomach! I will never hear a child's heart beat for the first time, or learn of their gender. I will never have another ultrasound, wear maternity pants...wonder when my water will break!? I am really gonna miss this!

Unto other exciting new, today my diaper subscription arrived!! Who doesn't love getting things in the mail?  Lol

The honest box was filled with 6 packs of diapers and 4 packages of wipes.  I also ordered their healing balm (which I had tried before) and a free lip balm.  It was packaged so nicely and a delight to open! 

The diapers are too cute!  I will receive two orders (hopefully) before my little boys arrival.  I just love the convenience of this. I never have to worry about running out of wipes or diapers! 

Well I am sitting here waiting for the nursery to be done painting.  I can hardly wait.  I love fresh paint and we paint our home pretty frequently(pro of having a dad in the industry). Also my bathroom is being painted tonight too!  Yay!! Needs a new paint job!  Hope to paint the girls room and mine before Preston's arrival too.  Make everything nice and fresh( mmmh is my nesting gene kicking in...lol)
Well thank goodness it's Friday!!
Have a lovely weekend!:)
Nautical Toes :D
First Honest Box :D

Daddy helps paint
The Beginning of organizing the closet! My fav part!


  1. Your poor feet look swollen :( Mine have been swelling in this heat too; Thursday I could barely bend my toes! Lol
    How exciting to receive your little box of goodies! How often do you have to order and what's the savings between the Honest diapers and Pampers? I'm very familiar with the Honest brand, but didn't know they carry and ship diapers? Love that you can pick the colour and pattern of them too!!!!

    1. I know! The heat coupled with walking was killing my feet that day!:/ so happy it's cooled down lol
      As far as the diaper service, it gets shipped to you once a month so you pay monthly. $80, plus shipping.
      For new born pampers its about $15 per pack. The pact usually only lasts 4 days at most. So your looking at easily 60-70 per month plus price of wipes...which can.be another 10-15$ making your first month or two almost equal to pampers brand. U just pay for conveniences and the benifit or having eco friendly products. The monthl supply of wipes is free or included in the price.

      When u really start to save is when your child uses less diapers. I read a number of reviews of people using a one month supply for two months. So in the long run you can save big time. Shipping is just under 20 I believe. But I ordered more last time so I will know better on my next bill when only the diaper subscription arrives.

      Over all I love the convenience and that these diapers are great for sensitive skin. Read a lot of reviews on great fit, less leakages and diaper rashes! Also u can cancel at anytime. So it was worth a shot?


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