Week 32 Baby!

Symptom of the Week-

Pinched nerve in my wrist! Talk about ouch! I woke up with one a few days ago. My whole arm felt debilitated!  Thankfully over the past few days the pain has begun to subside.  Now it's just my thumb that hurts. But boy has it made me appreciate having a fully functioning hand! LOL

32 Weeks!
Another more pleasant symptoms is deep sleep!  I have been sleeping like a baby quite literally!  And have been filled with tons of energy.  Most likely because I am sleeping so well!  It's felt great as this is truly a rare occurrence during pregnancy! Especially at 32 weeks! I didn't wake once last  night and woke up feeling like I could take on the world! :D

My last symptom-I seem to have an abundance of milk in these suckers! LOL My son will definitely be blessed with a full milk supply.  I leak colostrum(first milk baby drinks) every day and I am finding it increasing as the weeks continue!  It excites me though because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE breastfeeding and breast fed both  my girls for 2+ years! So these little leaks are sweet reminders of what's to come!

Craving of the Week:  I think my sweet tooth is slowly making a reappearance!!! Sour things are still enjoyable to me, but this evening I ate about 15 jube jubes...and it's taking everything in me not to go down stairs and eat anymore!! LOL
Also frozen fruit, ice and cold drinks still continue to be high on my list of cravings!

Peak of the Week: Celebrating 8 years of marriage with my boo! Our getaway was perfect!
Another peak-a sister surprised me this week with a new maternity dress!  What a stinking blessing that was!  I was soooooooo happy and thrilled!  I also was blessed with two bath and body works candles from another generous sister at church!  New dress, new candles in one day! I AM VERY THANKFUL!

Peev of the Week- I guess going back to my pinched nerve.  But it's really not bad, it could be worse. Each week or every couple weeks I feel like I am having some sort of physical attack.  Whether it's my skin, my hair, my nerve, contractions...if it's not one thing its another.  But it won't get me down!
On the hair front, my hair stopped falling out and is growing back. I had one strong contraction on  my babymoon but other than that it has calmed right down! HURRAY!
My skin has been ...well deal-able! LOL  It has been much worse before...so i can't complain!  Summer def helps! Not as dry!  All comes with the territory I guess!  A friend told me today Preston is just taking all my good looks! HAHA I think he's gonna look just like ME!  But either way it's all good...his daddy is very handsome too!

Bump and Baby

My sweetheart is the size of a large jamica this week!  Whats a jamica anyways? lol Getting closer to the four pound mark and gearing up for his grand entrance. This week he must have changed positions as I have felt kicks on both my left and right sides.  He has a very definite sleep/wake schedule! My youngest layed with me on the bed last night singing to her little bro and he began to kick as she sang.  She would get all excited and sing some more and then he would kick some more!  She yelled for her big sis to come and see!  I will miss the interactions of my children with  my baby bump!  It's a special time.  One where there is no fighting, no jealousies, or annoyances...lol  Having two daughters already I am not naive enough to think all will be perfect once this little guy is born!  I am sure it will be tough for both my girls at times....yet very exciting!  Here's to a new future! :D


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