No Nesting For Me!

This pregnancy has been so different from my last in so many ways!
But the one area I notice major differences is that I am super laid back this time around.
Usually I am anxious and bustling around trying to prep for this and prep for that.  Packing this bag, cleaning this, organising that. I usually go into full on NESTING mode.
But this pregnancy I haven't been like that at all! Perhaps it's because this isn't my first, where I don't know what to expect at all.  And it's not my second where I have to go from the huge jump of one child to two and making that transition.
Whatever it is, I find it quite amusing! I just know all will work out in it's time.  I feel I have spent more of this pregnancy enjoying rather than preparing. 
I wish I had been like this for past pregnancies because then maybe the time would not have gone so slowly towards the end!
With my first I had her room all ready about three months in advanced and Miya two months in advance.  I remember time slowed down drastically after all the major things were completed.
People ask me what will I do if he comes early? Should he come early the basics are ready and waiting for him.
I have learned having everything just so or perfect isn't always necessary.  That's saying A LOT coming from me.  The Queen of wanting things just so. I am not sure what has sparked this change of heart...maybe my sons boy traits are shining through my personality whilst in my womb.
Whatever the case is...I like it. I love being this relaxed and laid back.
I hope I stay this way and my crazy nesting gene doesn't kick in a few weeks from now! Lol
With Tiana I became very OCD. I washed my bed sheets daily (and i had pay laundry lol) I was constantly cleaning, NON stop.  With Miya I def entered the nesting phase, but nothing compared to Tiana.  I found it comedic too because i was only 18 and behaving that way! LOL
With Miya I was very protective and private after the fact.  Almost to a fault!  This time I def plan to allow more people to visit and welcome 'help'!  My desire to be superwoman has long passed!
I have always envied people that were able to just relax and go with the flow!  I pray I remain this way!! :D
Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Take your time; as long as you have all the essentials you have nothing to worry about :)


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