Week 28

This week officially starts my third trimester! Woop woop!
I am pretty sure this will be my favorite and most coveted time in my pregnancy.
Some things I will enjoy:
It's ok to be huge at this point!  The baby is coming in a few short months!  When I think of it with April pretty much over that leaves me with two whole months of pregnancy left! Whoaaa!!
All the action happens next. From going on a babymoon, to getting the nursery in order, to a nautical baby shower to a pastors wife friend coming to visit...the next two months are JAM packed with excitement for myself and my family.
Well enough of that...
On to the update
Symptom of the Week-  None!  Last week I had back ache and treated myself to a pedicure on Friday.  The massage chair is unbelievable at this salon and even massages you bottom! Lol since then my back has felt amazing... Thinking of making it a weekly treat...only a pregnant woman can get away with that! Lol.
Craving of the Week: A burrito with all the fixings and habanero sauce! Had this craving for about 5 days and finally was able to satisfy it last night!  So stinking good! Mmmhh could eat one now!
Peak of the Week: Great preggo hair!  My hair hasn't changed much during pregnancy... If any at all...but I found this awesome product that has really agreed with my hair and given my luscious locks! One less thing to worry about!
Peev of the Week- It's all winding down now.  I suppose it's bitter sweet and I will laugh hysterically if come June I am complaining that the time is going too slow!  I must admit I have enjoyed every minute of this and have been in no rush to get to any specific week.  Like other pregnancies I couldn't wait for...week 12, week 20, week 35, week 40. 
Bump & Baby
Mr. Ray is the size of a squash of some sort this week.  I admit I am getting a bit lazy with the fruit or veg of the week shot.  I will take another bump/produce shot when the veg intrigues me! Lol
At this point he is doing more plumping up than lengthening.  At 16 1/2 inches and 3 pounds his main goal now is to get those cheeks plump for momma to kiss!!
Life: My pregnancy scare from 25 weeks is well behind us. For the most part I feel good. I just have to pace myself.
I  told my youngest in December the baby is coming when it's hot outside.  She is starting to notice the weather change and grow increasingly excited.
Last night I dreamed my little guy came early!:0 Not early enough to be premature, but early enough to surprise me.  I continue to pray he stays till full term. When I guessed dates he would be born July 2 came to mind.  That was before they tried to switch my due date to that day....maybe it's a sign. Another date I guess is July 12th.  
Hubby and I have continued our Sunday night dates.  This past week we went out with a couple from church.  I am really trying to cherish some of my freedom and ability to just do my own thing.  My daughters are big girls and aren't as 'mommy' needy as a new born.  It's a change I look forward to, but it will be an adjustment!! Haven't done this for 4 1/2 years!


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