31 Weeks Pregnant- Can I get any bigger?

31 weeks preggo!
This week I can't get over how big my belly is!!  Like where did that come from?
When my little man moves, he feels like a full size baby already. I can't imagine him any bigger!  I have gained about 25 lbs so far.  My first pregnancy I gained 60... I honestly can't even imagine how I managed that.  But Tiana was almost 10 lbs.  My second pregnancy I gained 35 or so lbs.  So we shall see how this one goes. But lately my belly feels huge to me!
It's growing by the second! Ha
Symptoms of the Week-
Improved Skin!  By some miracle my skin is way better than last week. I am so thankful for that because it was making me pretty miserable. Thanks to those who prayed for me:)
Leg Cramps-at night I find I get leg cramps. Last night I woke up yelling from the pain and woke hubby up. I felt bad I woke him over a leg cramp. But they hurt a lot. The best things to do is jump on it when you get one. Sounds a bit counter productive but I takes the pain away immediately!
Craving of the Week
Still water. I drink 3 litres of water a day.  I can NOT get enough water!  I can only imagine how that will increase as the weather warms up!:0 It's only may and it's been quite warm...never mind June...July!
Hotdogs!  This is a terrible craving. But we got a new BBQ and I just couldn't resist.  My kids were shocked I was eating them as I am very anti hot dog. The kids wouldn't even eat them!  Lol I am officially done now...even if another craving comes!

Peev of the Week-
Clothing!  Yup I just hate clothing.  I don't want to wear anything ever. I now see why women buy maternity clothing. I bought a maternity top the other day...what a difference. These clothes are made for your growing tummy!  They also fit nicely. I have dresses that are ' loose' but in certain places it's obvious they weren't made for a preggo mamma!
I am very tempted to buy some maternity wear for my last few weeks...but I will resist the urge and just go naked!  Joking! Lol
Bump & Baby
My prince is roughly 16.5 inches long and over 3.5 lbs.  He's the size of a coconut according to baby center this week!  A coconut?? Really?  What 16 inch coconut have you ever encountered? Lol
Not sure if he's head down yet, but his kicks are all on my upper right side. Every night I try and figure out his positioning or what body part is sticking out today!  The larger he gets the stranger my stomach looks. Taking on these new shapes and positions. Quite a site to see!


  1. Gosh, I remember those horrible leg cramps with Nya. I got them only at night; and they are brutal!! I woke Dennard up a time or two as well whinsing in pain! Lol
    My Dr suggested stretching out the leg when it occurs; it's our reaction to want to tense up, but the more stretching the better. Try that and see if it helps at all. Feeling your pain :/ lol

    1. Yes these cramps are deadly. I will def try stretching my legs! :D


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