Whats in My Hospital Bag?

This morning I had the biggest scare of life.

I woke up and bent over to pick up something. When I stood up my stomach was looked deformed.  It  almost looked like there wasn't a baby inside. I pushed and prodded at the areas I normally would to wake my little man and I couldn't feel anything. Normally he moved the moment I wake up!

At the top of my stomach was clearly a body part...but it didn't respond to touch.
I went to have a cold drink and knelt in Preston's room praying for him to move.

I was in an odd predicament. Do I go to the hospital or wait and see if he moves.  My heart was racing... After about 5 minutes I felt the slightest kick.  But my stomach was still in a WEIRD shape. 

Finally after the longest 15 minutes of my life he began kicking as normal.  But it took about 25 minutes for my tummy to look normal again.  I am guessing he was just in a weird position and I got up earlier than usual so he was in a DEEP sleep!  Lol

That being said, during my 15 minutes of panic it dawned on me that I need to pack my hospital bag.  So today I did...even though I planned on waiting till week 37!

Here's what's in my bag

1) 1 button up night gown for labor
2) maternity tank top & loose skirt to wear after labor
3) long shirt & leggings for going home
4) reusable breast pads
5) nursing bra & undies
6) socks and slippers
7)a sweater
8)makeup bag(bb cream, lip gloss, mascara and eye brow pencil) lucky for me I have doubles so it's already in the bag
9)toiletry bag( pads, toothbrush &toothpaste, lotion, gel, hair tie, silk head tie, deodorant)also already in bag
9) mints
10) copy of birth plan
11)towel &face cloth
12)extra phone charger & camera

Lastly I have my dress to wear to the hospital on the very top.  Its a long maxi dress with slits on either side...just in the event...lol gotta be prepared!  I watched a story of a lady almost delivering in her car and the dilemma of getting her pants off...lol

Preston's bag was packed last week, but includes:
2 outfits
A few diapers(hospital provides)
1 pair mitts
1 hat
Baby lotion
Diaper cream
Hooded towel
Baby wash

I feel much more relieved now knowing everything is good to go.  So when that special time comes I don't have to be adding this or that to my bag.  Just pick it up and go.  The hospital I am delivering at also provides care packages for the mom and baby... So a lot of these items I probably won't even  need.  But better to be prepared.

As for hubby, I am not packing a bag for him.  He usually goes home to check on the kids and doesn't sleep at hospital.  It's a big change for the girls, so it makes the kids more at ease and involved seeing Daddy come home periodically. 

My Dad & good friend are on baby duty when the little guy makes his appearance. Also another dear friend lives right up the street in the event things happen VERY quickly. 

Since my girls will still be staying home, I escaped packing another two bags! Score! I hate the unpacking afterwards!

As for a snack bag I will probably skip that.  I don't like many snacks that aren't fresh.  I will bring a bag of gummy bears though :D
The hospital is close to quite a few places to eat...plus the Timmy's inside the hospital itself.  Saving myself one more bag!  Lol. I hate carrying around baggage.  As does my husband...so we kept it all simple and compact.

Well Mr.Preston we are ready when you are!! :D And thankfully he is back to his normal kicking self!


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