Water Breaking News

No, my water did not break! Lol Gotcha!
I just love the title!
Did you know majority of women don't have a spontaneous rupture of membranes(water breaking)? Another neat fact is, even if they do, it's usually not in the grocery store like Hollywood portrays! Go figure and praise God for that!

Being full term I have been on water breaking, mucus plug checking and contraction counting patrol!
I literally can't go to the washroom without thinking ' is my water about to break?'
With Miya my water broke after 3-4 hrs of being in labor.  This is usually the norm, though some women it's reversed.

At my ob  appointment, I was reminded of my 2nd due date July 2nd...making me possibly 39 weeks preggo.  It has always been in the back of my mind, but I prefer to stick to my latest due date...but the thought of July 2nd certainly did give me a rush of excitement.
I have circled dates on my calendar I think Preston may come. Let's see if I am right for any of them?

  1. June 21  -I just thought...fathers day...lol maybe that would be appropriate! 
  2. June 29-just a random guess
  3. July 2 or 4th-I have a thing with even numbers...the second was always my guess even with July 13th due date.  
  4. July 8th-another random guess-but hoping not...Dr will be on vacay
  5. July 12th-This our church anniversary...as inconvenient as that would be (sunday) Preston is very active during church and I think will want to make a debut on a Sunday service! LOL
  6. July 16th-This is the day my Dr comes back from vacation...so if I am going overdue...it better be after the 16th LOL

Those are quite a few dates lol...
My friend guesses 24th of June
Another gives me until friday! 

 My youngest told me he's coming RIGHT NOW!! haha
I asked her how does she know?  SHe said "the Dr told her" lol
Then she said very seriously  "so mommy go to the hospital NOW'

My first born was a week late..
My second was either right on time or a week early depending on which due date I use.
So let's see what this little man does!  As long as he's healthy and ready, it doesn't matter to me when he comes anymore!   


  1. I'm going for July 10th :) I don't know why but that date just sticks out to me 😛

  2. I didn't even make it to my second guess! Lol
    June 26th it is!:)


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