Late Week 36 Update

Was having so much fun this week and super busy I didn't get a chance to upload my posts!  :)

Symptom of the week- increased need to pee!! My bladder is ALWAYS full!  Lol The hicks that won't quit ( by hicks I mean braxton hicks contractions) Leaky breasts....I would swear I have already began nursing. These babies are stocked and ready to go! Lol
Peak- with all things preparation baby out of my way...I will be spending the next few weeks doing fun things with my friends and family.  This week I went to a paint nite and painted a beautiful piece of art work. I also went to the distillery again with Preston's godmother.  We had a blast eating Mexican in the district.   Also hubby took a day off this week and we were able to go for lunch while the girls were at school. All things I truly cherish!  My priorities will be quite baby centered for the next few getting my hoohaa's out now while I still have the freedom!
Peev- itchy lower belly!  Since my tummy has dropped, my lower belly has been VERY itchy.  Also my clothes are always baring my belly. Either my pants belly band falls down or my shirt comes over the belly.  It's quite the sight to see and something I need to be aware of when I go out!  Haha! 
Craving-baha fish tacos, guacamole....pina of course... And COKE :0 lol
Also this week at lunch with Gary,  I had the most fabulous spicy shrimp Alfredo & salad!  I don't usually eat much pasta (white carbs) but this was well worth it!
Bump and Baby- I went to my 8th OB apt this week. I am seeing my Dr weekly from here on out.  All was well, weight gain, blood pressure and urine were perfect. She said I look exactly like a pregnant women at my stage should!  She began asking if I am getting cramping or pressure.  Which I have been.  She smiled and said 'that's good'.  Today I found out she will be going on vacation right close to my due date! So we are hoping this little guy comes before week 39.  I was a bit disappointed but I guess it's a slow time baby it was the best time for her to take time off.
That being said I will be praying up a storm Preston comes when she is here!
Also his head is still down!  Cervix is soft and ready! Sooo happy about that!  He is pretty much a full size baby now. Woohoo!
Basketball Anyone?


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