Raining Showers From Heaven!

I really can't accurately, verbally expressed how AMAZING my shower was!
Everyone completely blew me away with their creativity, generosity and support!
I can't express enough thanks to all my friends and family who attended!

Here's how the Day went

Saturday morning I woke up. I was extremely tired from the night before.
The day before we had moved the office and painted the nursery.  My body was just DONE!
Something I have learned about "special days" is that something always has to go wrong or stress the situation.  At 9:30 I received a phone call from my mother in law that she wasn't well and wouldn't be able to drive to toronto to bring the food for my shower.  I was going to have to pick it up, as there wasn't anyone else, and I didn't want to worry the girls planning my shower.  Somehow by the grace of God is all worked out and my sister in law ended up being able to pick up the food and I was able to relax.
Me &  My Beauties
My Nautical Outfit :D

Since I thought I was going to be picking up the food, I got ready extra early!  SO now with another hour and a half to spare I decided to go to the mall and stroll around! I went on my own to sort of unwind from the hectic morning!  Oh and did I mention our furnace had broken that morning...so my house was HOT HOT HOT! What a way to start the day! :0

I treated myself to a few new items on my mall stroll, came home and picked up my girls!  I arrived promptly to my shower at 1 pm. Before I could even get out of the car I was in tears. My girls were trying to comfort me. I couldn't believe this day was here!  The weather was pouring out...very fitting for a "shower" lol

A brother came and escorted me into the church with an umbrella.
My first glimpse of my shower!

It was time to make my grand entrance.  My girls had already run in before me due to the rain and went and greeted all their friends.  I HATE grand entrances...especially ones in which I am crying already.
I turned the corner and the first thing I saw was a beautiful welcome table filled with all nautical inspired decor. Framed photos from my photo shoot earlier this week, rolled notes for Preston in a jar and beautiful sea shells.

Now for the next corner to turn.  I knew once I turned this corner a room filled with ladies awaited.  I slowly walked towards them tears in my eyes.  Everyone was standing, cheering and clapping!  I was overwhelmed to see how many people took the time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with us!
My wonderful Friends and Family
The food was blessed and we ate like queens!  Dad's world famous macaroni pie, lasagna, pasta salad, jerk chicken, bbq chicken, salad, sandwhiches, blue punch, fried dumplings...too much goodness!

The room looked WONDERFUL!  Every where you turned was nautical inspired decor.
These ladies are just TOO creative!  I will just let the photo's do the talking!

Gold fish centerpieces!

Sign says Ahoy it's a Boy (these are all photos from my phone)

For games they played a funny one, in which people were partnered up and blind folded!  They had to feed their partner baby food while both of them couldn't see!  It was quite a sight to see! The winners were the ones who finished the most food the fastest!

Then it was time to open some gifts!  I was blown away by the generosity of my friends and family.
I never in  million years ever EVER expected to receive that much stuff! I literally got everything off both my Babies R us and Pottery Barn registry. And my pottery barn registry was more of a dream registry not really one I expected to get more than an item or two off of!  Everyone truly out did themselves. Each and every gift meant so much to me and my family! And has saved us A FORTUNE!

Preston got everything imaginable, from a new crib, mattress, bath tub, book shelf, to an entire closet filled with what looks like a shoppers drug mart baby isle.  He is literally stocked for atleast 4 years.  He has a new wardrobe to last him till he's 9 months to a year.  Beautiful nautical decor and bedding for his room!
His room literally will look like the pottery barn Anchors away, Preston and Harper Collections!

One gift that got me really choked up was his Anchors away quilt.  This quilt is so beautiful and when I saw the name stitched into it " Preston Ray"i just couldn't contain myself.  I had only seen the quilt online, so seeing it in person with my sons future name was very emotional!

This little boy is just so loved and adored by so many!  Even some of the cards had me in tears.  People have been praying for him even before I conceived him!  How touching is that?

After a break from gifts we had a sweet table that was to die for!  Pictures to follow!

We finished up with more gift opening  and my thank you speech!  I once again was in tears thanking all my friends and family.  Not only were we blessed with gifts, we are so blessed to have these people in our lives. How many people can really say they have friends or family that will go above and beyond for them?! I felt humbled and undeserving to have such generous people in my life!  I just pray God gives them a quadruple blessing for their generosity, love and support!
The shower Team!

The day ended with hauling 70+ gifts into my SUV.  This was hilarious as the car was filled to the brim on all angels!

I can't wait to set up the nursery and get things all organized.  I am pacing myself as its A LOT of work!
I hope to be complete by the end of this week or early next week! :D

The one time the mess isn't bothering me :D

Over all the shower was sooo special to us!  I had never had a big shower for either  of my girls.  Always just small intimate(which was just as special).  But i must admit this  was just beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations!  I will forever remember this special day...
This was one of the last milestones on my list before Prestons arrival. What started with 9 months of events to get through before he comes has now come down to the final 3!  As I  begin my 35th week I am just SOOOO excited, blessed and grateful!  God is sooooooo good!  

My Nana & Grandma...two great grans!  Aren't they so pretty??
Hope I look like that in my late 70's!


  1. It was a lovely shower. I can't wait to meet the little handsome 😍

    1. It really was! I honestly am still in awe! I relive the day over and over in my mind! Lol

  2. Looks like a lovely shower!! Your shower team went above and beyond; very cute decor :) you've got enough stuff there to keep you busy for a few weeks unloading and setting up; lol. Very exciting!!!!

    1. They really did! Now it really feels like I am having a baby! Lol


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