Basketball Belly-Week 37

Symptom of the Week- Nothing notable. The usual end of pregnancy symptoms.  Been blessed back pain is minimal and only caused if I am sitting on a soft surface.  Still sleeping like a baby... Hopefully Preston sleeps as well as his Mommy does once he comes out! LOL

Peak of the Week- I got my hair did at the curly girl salon! What a treat it is to get your hair done??!  I usually do my hair myself, so that's one expense I never have to deal with.  I must admit I can do a better job on my own hair but it felt good to have someone else wash it! ;D And the stylist that did my hair was kind enough to give me a pair of special gloves to protect my eczema on my hands while doing my hair!:)

Peev of the Week- Pants! Oh how I loathe pants!:0  So uncomfortable! The moment I get home, I take off my pants immediately.  They just feel so restricting.  Dresses all the way!

Craving of the Week- My appetite is pretty much at a low now.  I eat because I know I need to.  I find myself going till lunch sometimes without eating anything.  Shame on me.  My husband really lucked out this pregnancy.  He hasn't had to make any craving runs! LOL

Bump and  Baby
At 37 weeks my boy is a full term baby! Yay!  My stomach looks like I have been smuggling basketballs.  Literally looks like I shoved a ball up my dress.  So round and perfect.  I will miss this belly!!  It's hard to believe 37 weeks have already passed? Some days I am so excited about his arrival, and then other days I feel a bit nervous.  It's the BOY part that makes me nervous! Boy diapers, boy toys, boy things, boy
Nana getting her hair "raked" through

Me under the dryer...gotta dry this hair :D
Basketball Belly!
This is the day after I got my hair u can see this is nothing new! LOL
It was a nice treat though 


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