So close...yet so far!

Since my nursery is all done, I have decided to start preparing for my baby in other ways.

No not cleaning... I do enough of that as it is! Lol

Today I started familiarizing myself with what having a new born is like again.
Sleep patterns, diaper changes, breastfeeding, bathing a newborn. Us moms get so caught up in labor, delivery and prepping for baby to come we often forget about the baby itself.

I downloaded two apps.  One was a contraction timer to use at onset of labor.
The other is an app to get me through the first year.  It's got everything you need to know all at your fingertips.  Including feeding charts and diapers trackers.  The contraction app actually tells you when to go to the hospital!  I thought that was neat!

I also began to look into what bible reading plans I will be starting once he arrives.  Right now I have an intense reading schedule, as I wanted to read the whole bible in 6 months or before baby is due( will be done 1st week of July).  I began looking into plans for new moms.  It's so easy to let your spiritual life take a back seat during the first year of a child's life...and quite frankly something I refuse to do. 

I have also been preparing my mind for a different life.  One in which not every t is crossed or I is dotted.  With Miya it was difficult for me to adjust to not having everything just so.  Actually within 5 minutes of being home from the hospital I was in tears because a few things were 'out of place'.  Lol no way to live a life! 

Another dilemma I have been having is whether to let the baby sleep in my room or his.  I have a bassinet for him but am unsure if I will keep it in my room or downstairs. 

The reason I am reconsidering having him sleep in my room is that when he wakes in the night:

1) he will need a diaper change... Meaning I have to walk to his room anyhow to change him.
2) I don't want to lay him in bed with me at such a young age to feed, meaning I will have to sit up to feed him. That would be way more comfortable in his rocking chair in his room.
3) I become a super light sleeper, meaning I barely sleep when I child is near me.  With miya she shared rooms with us and sleeping was VERY hard for me. Every twist, turn or little noise had my eyes WIDE open!:/ Not sure I want go do that again!

So I guess we will see how it goes...we can have all the plans in the world but once the baby comes they SET the tone. Lol
You have to learn to roll with it!

It feels like he isn't coming for a while
..that is until I look at my calendar. 33 days as per original due date and 22 as per second due date.  Those numbers are just so small now!  Lol

I am at a stage where I am ready to get the show on the road... As fun as this's time :D


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