Fun ways to End Pregnancy

I made it! I am at the end of this wonderful journey!
Surprisingly I am not miserable.  I have no 'get this baby out of me now complaints'
But I do want to enjoy this last few weeks of preggohood having fun!
Here are a few ways to enjoy the end of pregnancy instead of watching the clock, internet,  the toilet, and your belly for labor signs!
1) Glam up- pretty obvious one, but when will you have time again to do your hair, toes, get a massage or facial?  Just do it!
2) A night on the town with a good friend.
Explore your city, go eat at that restaurant you haven't tried yet.  Have some good fun time with some friends!
3) Try something new. A cooking class, paint nite, pottery class or prenatal zumba...just go out and do a fun activity.
4) Take a ridiculously long walk with a friend or your hubby. Though it may be a bit uncomfortable or down right painful... You will laugh at all the stops you have to make and how silly you look! 
5)Read a good book!  That's if your the reading type of course.
6) Sleep, watch movies and relax unashamedly! This sort of lazy behavior won't be optional in a few weeks...days...even hours. Lol MINUTES :O
These are all things I have been or plan on doing during my final weeks of pregnancy.  It's been a blast and made this last time very special.
My first pregnancy I was so miserable and bored at the end. It was like watching the pot boil, or paint dry...the end just dragged on and on and on.  With Miya I did keep busy but my anxiousness got in the way of me 'enjoying'. By your third child your so chill about the whole experience.  As excited as I am...I can wait and have some fun in the mean time!


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