Let's go down, go downtown!!

I came back from my OB yesterday happy to announce my little one is head down!
I can actually tell now that he is because the pressure down there is on a different level!
I have noticed for the past few days...but nothing like hearing your doctor confirm.
Her and I discussed my birth plan.  I began to ask her about induction and her face went serious!  Then she lightened up when she realized I wasn't asking for one(why someone would want to be induced is beyond me), I wanted to insure I could go the full 10 days past due date should baby be ok to allow myself to go into labor naturally!
Her face lit up as I began to discuss our plans.  We had only briefly talked about it before but she seemed impressed about my desire for natural child birth. I guess its not so popular anymore.
She gave me some tips and tricks to help get my body prepped for labor at week 37 and was completely behind my natural plan.  If felt soooo good to have a doctor on board.  It's nice to build that sort of relationship with her and have her share excitement in my natural birth plans.
Really pray all goes according to plan and I able to successfully go au natural!


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