Week 38 Update

Last day of Pregnancy
37 weeks 5 Days
I had my sweet Preston Ray yesterday and will do a labor &delivery story. However I
wanted to document my final week of pregnancy!
Symptom of the week- Lots!
1)For a few days this week I felt like I was getting my period.  LOL Obviously not, but a lot of period like cramps, loose bm (sorry for tmi), upset stomach, and fatigue. Just felt very OFF. Thankfully it only lasted a few days...but there is still a lingering of off-ness!
2) I also have had a bit of insomnia. I just never feel tired at night! :/  I will get into bed exhausted and then after 20 minutes of laying there I am ready to get up! LOL  So annoying.
3) Also I can feel hiccups all the time now.  It's quite evident his head is down because the hiccups are right down there...lol  It actually took me a while to realize that they were hiccups!  I don't remember if I felt hiccups with my girls!?
4) Blotchy skin. Melasma has definitely caught up with me. I had it the worst with my first but have developed some spots on my cheeks this week.  I know it's from sun exposure and no hat or sun block.  Ahh well...concealer to the rescue!
5) wobbly & unbalanced.  When I walk, stand or move I just notice my balance is not quite there!  Lol.
Craving of the Week- Slurpee's. I think it was more of a craving for something colder than ice water...lol. I like things so cold it would give brain freeze. So Miya and I took a walk to 7/11 this week and got ourselves some slurpees. We were both kids trying all the flavors first lol.  In the end she had blue raspberry, banana, orange and punch and I had the same minus the orange flavor.  I hadn't drank a slurpee in YEARS. It was a nice treat...but I must say I needed to drink plenty water to chase it down after. I am not a sweet drink drinker...
Peak of the Week- My visit to my ob's.  This actually may be my last time seeing her.  Next weeks apt  is with another Dr.  She leaves that day! So here's hoping  this is the week! I just love my OB so much!
Another peak was a little staycation with hubby. We just hung out one night and talked. Meant a lot to me as that would be the night my water broke lol
Bump and Baby-
He is well over the size of a water melon that's for sure! I haven't been gaining any more weight though.  My belly is SUPER DUPER low. And very obvious because I carried very high this pregnancy.


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