A Walk to Remember

During my pregnancy I usually go on a couple ridiculously long walks. All three of my children I have walked hours on end towards the end.
This pregnancy I hadn't done as much walking, so this week, I decided to take a walk.
I have been lucky not to have back ache and soreness when I walk but this walk, was something special.
I had already been on my feet for 2.5 hrs that morning organizing an event at my daughters school.  After about 1 hr I did feel the need to sit, but more out of laziness than anything else. I pressed through and felt fine.
I decided I would walk to my church which is about a 6 minute drive away...but 40 min walk due to the driving speed limit.
Within 10 steps I felt  VERY pregnant. I was waddling and getting huge cramps in my tummy.  I was laughing to myself because I had only just started.
I could have called my hubby to pick me up,  but wanted to soldier it out and walk.  The cramps were getting sooooo strong. Preston felt so low in my tummy, I tried holding my stomach up for support!  What a sight that probably was?
Not to mention my belly kept peeking through my shirt and pants. I kept pulling up and pulling down... Just hilarious.
At one point I almost said 'to heck with covering my tummy but thankfully I just naturally kept pulling my shirt down because minutes after that thought, I heard 'Victoria'.  A brother from church was yelling across the street to say hello! 
Once I got to church the cramps continued and didn't stop until I layed down after lunch. I am eager to know if I dilated at all  because those cramps and pressure felt like they did something to the nether regions! Lol
I continued my walks this week with a stroll downtown and my longest one, my 5 k walk.  This is my usual jogging route but being that I can't jog, I figured I would walk it.  It certainly goes much faster running! Lol I felt great on the walk this time.
This week, I have another walk planned with a friend. It will probably take us roughly 4 hours there and back to complete this walk to Baskin Robbins!  As you can tell I love to walk! Or maybe its the ice cream? Lol Preggo or not, it's fun and relaxing! I feel like this pregnancy I really missed out on my walks due to bed rest and weather... So I will gladly spend the next few weeks catching up!  To my surprise it hasn't been overly hot either!  Yay!


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