35 Weeks-5 more weeks... No way!!??

Symptom of the Week:
Increased braxton hicks!  Wow, they are coming quite frequently now!  Not painful but very noticeable.  My whole belly gets hard like a rock.  Talking through them can be a bit tense and awkward.  But I assure you they are NOT real contractions! Lol, I don't want everyone thinking I am going into labor any minute now.  The reality is, this is normal and I can very easily go past due even having this sort of pressure and tightening! Braxton hicks contractions pump blood into the aging placenta so they are very useful and prepare my body for labor!!: D

Craving of the Week:
I am so over cravings.  I just eat because I have to.  Nothing excites me.  Well water and dark frozen cherries do...I went through a whole bag of frozen cherries in 2 days! LOL

Peak of the Week: My OB appointment.  So happy the Mr went head down.  His heart beat was good, as was everything health wise with me! And in 3 weeks I only gained 1 pound!  That was music to my ears...lol
My goal this pregnancy was 25-30 lbs and it seems I will stay in that bracket! Woohoo!!

His nursery is almost finished!  Should be done by this evening!  Over the weekend I was given a belated shower gift.  My dear friend Shara bought me wall art for Preston's room.  It's the famous confirmation of boy & name photo of a map of the world and the words 'dream big Preston, the world is yours'. Can't wait to put it up later today! Thanks again Shara...love you sooo much!

Peev of the Week: Random moments of fatigue.  Like I will be completely fine and then a WAVE of tiredness will just wack me in the face. I feel like I have been drugged.  Actually getting that feeling right now! It's annoying because it's not due to lack of sleep.  In fact I sleep like a baby.   How much sleep does one need? LOL

Bump and Baby
Weighing in the 5 lbs range and 18 inches my little one is almost birth length and a few short pounds from birth weight! I was convinced I was going to have a big baby(still could).  But as my weight gain is slowing I am reconsidering. I was always measuring two weeks bigger, but now I think I am right on point.  I love me some chubby babies...but he can get chubby after he comes out! LOOOL  His kicks this week are very hard in my upper ribs!  Sometimes I even have to say OUCH it's so distinct. 


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