Week 24 Quickie

And pop goes the belly button :D
Wow here we are 6 months preggo!! Woohoo!!

Symptom of the Week- Still having lots of energy!!  The only thing that weighs me down is this big ol' belly! My tummy is stretching and I notice my upper tummy where my abs are is very sore.  I also have gotten that fine brown line on my stomach called Linea Nigra this week!

Loving sisters and
 New Baby Brother Bump
Peak of the Week-Spring has arrived!! I couldn't be more happy! Honestly winter is such a drag! Especially after Christmas! I look forward to walking, walking and more walking!!  Also this week little Ray was blessed with some cute outfits shoes and hand-me downs!  

Peev of the Week-Actually I have been a bit of a short fuse lately.  Lots of things peev me off! HAHA...I feel awful that my patience for some reason is at an all time low.  With the good Lords help I try not to let my feelings get the best of me!! :D  

Bump & Baby- My sweet Preston Ray is the size of an ear of corn or a foot long sub! :D  My corn wasn't big enough, but you get the picture! LOL  Corn on the cob for dinner tonight! YUMMYY  Did you know that corn has absolutely ZERO nutritional value and your body doesn't really digest it! Tastes great though...so who really cares?

Craving of the Week- I knew I was missing a category!  Truthfully water has been my biggest craving. But I was recently introduced to fruit infused water....well that has taken my water intake to a WHOLE different level!   

Enjoyed my cajun style corn with wild rice and salmon :D


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