21 weeks & Special Moments

21 weeks Quickie +Sweet Moments
Symptom of the Week-I'm thirsty! Hahaha to all those who know the 'slang meaning' of thirsty. But I just can't get enough h20..it's quite funny, I chug down water like a drought is coming. Water in hand as I type!

 Freak of the Week-For the first time EVER Ray's heart beat was fast. Wouldn't that have tripped me out, had I not known his gender. She didn't tell me the BPM though... But it still sounded slower than my daughters heart beats.

 Peak of the Week- 2nd OBGYN visit. My first was at 16 weeks...I will be seeing her monthly till 30,weeks and then bi- weekly till 36 weeks. After that weekly visits. I brought a friend who got to hear little Ray Bays heart beat for the first time. Was a special moment!

21 Weeks Pregnant!
 Peev of the Week- I had a craving for Eggs Benedict...and despite the fact you really shouldn't eat that during pregnancy... I rebelled...well now I don't feel so great....made me feel sick! Won't be doing that again! Lol

Craving of the Week-Eggs Benedict-didn't go so well! LOL

 Bump & Baby- My little cuter patoooter is the size of a carrot now! I have gained 15 lbs so far... Looking forward to week 22 :D

 Sweet Stories: Today I was surprised when hubby brought home a new car. He bought it for our growing family...and even matches the babies gender! Blue Baby Blue!. It was a sweet surprise. We have had old cars for years so to have a new car is such a privilege for us.

 Another Memorable Moment I went to register at my new hospital. Previously I had delivered at Credit Valley but decided this pregnancy I wanted something different and in the city I live. God arranged the whole thing perfectly blessing me with the sweetest obstetrition EVER and a hospital that's truly wonderful. I arrived for my apt promptly at 1:30 and was greeted by a pleasant surprise. One of my friends is a nurse at that hospital. She would be doing the preregistration and tour.

 I was taken through the labor and delivery ward and got the opportunity to see a room I may deliver in...my eyes began to water. I was having a baby...a real baby!! I glanced at all the other mommies on the tour, but they didn't seem nearly as emotional as myself. I find I am getting choked up quite a bit this pregnancy.

 Back to the tour...one of the exciting things this hospital offers, are care packages to all the mums. Ha! This is a huge blessing because most hospitals don't even provide diapers for your child. They provide a package of diapers, wipes, a sweet little comb, hat, soap and a bib for the baby. Then for mom they provide pads, underwear, a squirt bottle and La Roche Pose skin products (mini travel sizes). My jaw dropped as the nurse showed us the little care packages. It warmed my heart. Also the labor and delivery was under construction meaning by the time I give birth, there will be brand new rooms for us and washrooms. Talk about amazing timing!

 The staff in the unit seemed quite friendly and informative. I have been praying for my nurse friend to be on staff during labor...and I truly believe she will. Having a nurse friend during labor is such a blessing. It offers you extra support, favor and comfort. I have been lucky to have nurse friends on staff during labor for my last two pregnancies...here's for number three!!

 Another interesting thing about today was seeing all the moms that were as far along as me. Seeing all the tummies. I thought I was getting quite big but seeing all the mommies I realized I was right on track. Also my nurse friend told me that there weren't too many July babies registering. Which means a quiet maternity ward. Hoping that doesn't change:D. Better care for me and my Ray Bay: D


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