Week 23 Quickie

Cute Little Brother Sleeper picked out by a proud Older Sister
 Symptom of the Week- Bless my soul, this has been a symptom free week. I feel great, people say I look glowing, have all my energy...what's there to complain about? I find myself forgetting I am pregnant..until i go to bend over! LOL

 Peak of the Week- My hubby went to preach in Atlanta this past week and was away for 5 days. While he was gone my girls and I got much quality time together. Went for a sleep over. And then my youngest and I got some special time alone while my older daughter went to grandmas. We went for breakfast and went shopping. It was a really special time. We had so much fun we didn't really miss daddy until the last day. Which worked out well for us...because how hard that would be to be sad for 5 days :/

 Peev of the Week- not quite preggo related but somewhat. Since media fast is over this week(yay) I had been journaling for the past couple weeks. Now I have to transfer it all over to my blog and upload...maybe I should continue the fast....lol. I really love blogging and think it's a lovely keep sake for years to come...

 Bump &Baby Size- My sweet Preston Ray is the size of an Eggplant this week. Grow Ray Bay Grow!! Now movement is seen outside my stomach.  I have been trying to catch it on video, but Preston seems to be camera shy! :)
Made good use of my eggplant! A grilled veg, sausage and potato medley with strawberry salad & fruit infused water! mmh mmh good


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