Old Wives Tales for BABY #3

Anyone who knows me well knows I hate surprises.  Even good ones.  I need to know things in advance...I like to prepare and do not take kindly to being caught off guard.
So the old-fashioned trend of waiting to find out the gender once the baby arrives has always sounded like nonsense to me. (No offense to those out there who are suckers for the surprise).
It's just not for me.
But one of the things I do enjoy about the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is the old wives tales.  I enjoy hearing what people are most certain I am having based on how high or low I carry.  Or how sick or moody I get.  It just cracks me up everytime.  Especially when you do find out the gender and people are wrong.
Each pregnancy, I scoured the internet for different old wives tales and this time to my surprise there were a few new ones for me to try out.
Spoon and Fork- have a friend put a spoon or fork under each pillow..if you sit on a fork its a girl and a spoon means boy.  I sat on a pillow and revealed a spoon. I exclaimed to my friend 'it's a boy'.  She's wittily replied 'its a spoon!' (however I have read opposite results and I didn't do best 2/3)

Baking soda- So the idea is you pee in a glass...with baking soda in it...if it fizzes /foams it's a boy...if it's flat, it's a girl.  As gross as this may sound, urine has never freaked me out so I try the test...fizzle fizzle fizzle  and one point for boy! And I did this test on two separate occasions weeks apart...so two points for boy!

Red Cabbage Juice- another pee pee test!  Lol if it goes reddish or pink boy...stays purple girl.  Another point boy for me! Lol

Drano crystals- similar idea but if the crystals turn green girl and if it's blue a boy.  I have yet to try this one but sure will before my gender reveal. Click here to see results!

Placenta/yoke Sac placement- If your yokesac is on the right at 6 weeks pregnant it's a boy, on the left a girl.  This one is tough because most people don't have ultrasounds till 12 weeks.  I was lucky enough to have one at 6 weeks, but didn't ask or know about the theory at the time.  However based on the photo and research on what a yokesac may look like mine is on the right...another boy for me.

Those are some of the newer tales I hadn't heard with my previous pregnancies but for fun I will add all the typical ones and my answers.

Headaches More -Boy
Chinese Calendar- Girl  BOY-took a test today that said boy....geeze louise!
Morning sickness none-boy
Not Stealing moms beauty- boy
Heart beat is Low-boy
Cravings -salty & sour -boy
Gender dreams girl &  boy
Carrying low boy
Emotional - girl
Head aches boy
Ring test - boy
Skin is dry- boy
Daddy gains no weight-boy
Side of rest girl to sleep boy to wake up
Hands test palms up -girl
Hair thin & dull- boy
So according to these old wives tales predict a boy. Hahah...what do I think... I say girl...as does my doctor.  We shall see!
What do u think? Votes in before the reveal :)


  1. My guess is boy!! But it's more of a hoping than a guess because I want you to have a boy 😉 lol

    1. Aww Amy! I know what you mean. I think I refuse to think boy too much just incase...but the last two days boy has really resonated with me! Hard to say?!

  2. It's a boy!! From what you've written, I'm assuming it has to be a boy. :)

    1. He he! Cool. Who know... May be a sweet baby gir . Haha. Maybe I have all these 'boy' old wives tales cause she will be a bit of a tom boy hahaja

  3. boy, muchacho, nino, chico.. etc

    1. Ahahahaj Nat...yea the wives tales are pretty convincing lol

  4. Replies
    1. All these boy guesses have me nervous now! Haha

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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