Beau or Bow Party!!

WARNING: LONG LONG POST AHEAD! LOL But I wanted to share my party with you...every last detail :D

I really love to throw a when Pinterest started trending gender reveals I was 100% down! (just keeping our gender secret would be the problem)
 I have never been to a gender I feel I am treading new territory. This is a trend I am happy I was able to catch in time.

One of my good friends offered to help with the momentous affair.  I was relieved and thankful to have her help and early January we put our heads together over some chips and guacamole to pull off a grand reveal.

First things First...The THEME- I really wanted something classy and not so 'babyish'.  If you know me well, I don't like things to look too 'kiddy'...strollers, bedding, diaper bags must all have class as far as I am concerned.  We settled on the  'Beau or Bow' theme.
A simple black and white theme with mustaches and  sweet pink bows to ring in Little Rae Rays gender. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Team Pink didn't take a photo
Tradition- A Gender reveal party tradition is to have you guests dress up in the gender they guess.
Put your Money where your mouth is...5 bucks in a jar...if you guess right you get your money back...guess wrong...Mommy gets to keep it :)

Ladies chowing down!
Food- Since my reveal is around mealtime and the party is a relatively intimate size we decided a nice meal would be appropriate.  We plan to color coordinate food items with theme. I LOVE all things food...and relish in the opportunity to "throw down"! Fettuccini Alfredo, garlic bread, chocolate covered pretzel's, black bean dip and chips and a few other treats were on the menu!
Her Water broke! Our winner! :)

Games- One of the games we played is called "my water broke" where you have to be the first to melt the ice cube covered "baby"ie...gummy bear).

                             Invites were ordered off and completely matched the theme...

Decor- with a black and white theme decor is a piece of cake...I added a few touches that correlate with beau and bows!

Those Infamous Old Wives Tales
The Photo Booth

The reveal! Another dear friend of mine made a scavenger hunt to lead us to the 'reveal'. Each clue and item they found would be used to create a drink that would reveal the babies gender.  One by one teams came and revealed the news as they made their drinks.

The first clue...Aree-ree already looks confused!

Once the "gender" was revealed,  I had another clue that lead to a "name" reveal.  I gave each lady a pin and told them to pop a balloon to find the babies name.  When the balloons were popped the true gender color was revealed in confetti..and I shouted the real gender!! What an up roar of excitement. Everyone cheered!

What I like most about a reveal party is that is
1) affordable
2) stress free
3) fun
4) memorable
5)I get to plan it (they won't let me plan my shower lol)

Probably the only con to a gender reveal is that everyone can't be invited or come...and I know just so many people..however we made cards to send out and give out to those who couldn't be there. And posted the photo's on here!
Another thought was do I make my gender reveal a jack and Jill or ladies only.  After much thought I've decided with ladies probably  don't care much for these events!
So I figured hubby and I can have our own reveal with family and then have at it with our friends.

A gender reveal fear...imagine you go for your ultrasound and they just can't tell the gender...ha...then what?  Surprise everyone we don't know...thanks for coming :) Another fear...would hubby tell?  He wasn't for keeping it a secret for as long as we did, BUT he did it just for me :D And even took part in my 'gender prank'!  I was very impressed!

The reveal was a huge hit and a memorable time.  I relive the moment over and over in my mind all time.  The day was perfect and shared with the best of friends any one could ever ask for!

My fav part...the faux reveal reactions and the real reveal surprise!!
SO there you have it...we are having a...

Proud Sisters introducing their one and only Little Brother :D


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