Surprise Surprise...THE Ultrasound!

Little Ray Rae :)
Thankfully my ultrasound is booked first thing in the morning..because with it being just over 24 hrs away...I can't wait another minute.
I can only imagine how slow the next 24 hrs will be.

I have run through the appointment a million times in my head.  From getting up that morning, driving over hearing the news.
I have acted it out so many different ways in my it should be interesting to see which way proves to be true!  I know things RARELY go according to plan and am preparing myself for a few unexpected blunders. Running late? Not feeling well? Not being able to see gender? A reaction I wasn't expecting...all possible hiccups I have been preparing my heart, emotions and mind for.  Clearly I am a person who does NOT like any element of surprise. I will act out all possible possibilities to avoid surprises at all costs!  Maybe this is a first born quality?? LOL not sure!

I do know whatever gender they tell me...I will be surprised!  Here's how my reactions will be!

It's a girl! "Wow, what? I thought it was a boy...everything, everyone said it was a boy!  Even my this is nuts."

It's a boy! "Now WAY' You're lying...I can't believe this...I am actually having a boy??  No way! Check again!"

Shocker either way!  This I can't stand...because it doesn't matter how many old wives tales you have taken...not one can accurately predict gender!! Nothing is as close to accuracy as an ultrasound and even those have proven to be wrong.
So as I huff and puff...pace my old wives tales...recheck drano results...think over all the "confirmation" signs 'I hope' I have still gives me ZERO confidence going into the appointment! LOL

Good luck to me...

Here's how it went

I hadn't been sleeping well and thought 'sheesh the night before an ultrasound I am sure not to get any rest!'  Well that couldn't have been further from the truth!! I knocked out.  And I mean knocked out, not even a midnight cereal snack or a washroom break!  So when I woke up, I was kind of dazed and groggy from sleeping so deeply. I started drinking my water, as my appointment was that morning.
Just like I expected things started NOT going according to plan.  I panicked for a split second and then regained composure.  I planned for this! I expected this! NO BIG DEAL!

In the midst of my rushing about, I almost forgot to drink enough water...and of course on our way there we needed to stop for gas! LOL  I watched the time tick...and realized " wait...I am way ahead of schedule". I exhaled and sat calmly in the car as hubby filled the gas tank.

Sadly he wasn't going to be able to be there...however I had my trusty companion (my youngest) to keep me company.  I thought it was kind of neat that for this same ultrasound with her, my oldest had come with me and now my youngest was doing the same for her sibling.

I arrived at this beautiful clinic. My OB sent me to a special "women's clinic" to get my ultrasound, she said they are best and didn't really like the clinic in her building. (That was where I had my 12 week ultrasound).  I walked in to this beautiful newly renovated clinic and felt like a celebrity. The staff were very kind and friendly.  Even though I was early they took me ahead of time. They didn't want me sitting uncomfortably. ( if u have ever had an ultrasound it's basically the battle not to pee yourself!)

Long story short I was ushered to my room and layed on the bed while Miya watched from a seat near by. The tech squeezed the infamous cold blue jelly on my tummy and  immediately began.  I watched my sweet little Ray Rae wiggle and squirm on the screen.  After about 5 minutes the tech started giggling.  She said "this baby is VERY active".  :/ Ha! Just great I thought LOL.... The appointment took almost an hour, getting Ray Rae to cooperate was nearly impossible. But she had all the faith that she wouldn't have to send me back for another ultrasound and that Ray Rae would participate. She was right!  A very sweet lady!  Call me crazy but the night before I had been praying for her.  I had no idea who I would meet that day but I began praying for her salvation and Gods blessing on her life. I prayed God would use me to lead her to salvation even if only through prayer.  And that we would meet in heaven one day. (Such a corny moment)

Back to the ultrasound-
After about 30 minutes the burning question blurted out of my lips.  Had she seen the gender yet?  She smiled said she had.  I thought "what?"  I have been watching the whole time and hadn't seen anything :/ It dawned on my how skilled these techs really are.  I asked her if she could show me a gender shot.  She laughed again and said "let's see if this baby will cooperate"  So she started pointing out the different body parts.  I was completely enamored by Ray Rae, that I almost forgot I was interested in knowing the their gender

Side note: I had been studying ultrasound photo's for months and could point out any girl or boy baby ultrasound photo. Time to put my skills to the test.

Just then she went back to the photo's of various body parts  and I  saw a shot with a gender sign! All babies are either xy or xx.

  She quickly changed the page and showed me the baby one last time...and I was on a hunt now to see if I could see anything to indicate the babies gender!

Once I saw the baby's sign I was pretty sure what that meant.  But science wasn't my strongest suite...I quickly began to second guess myself. How could I get it out of her?

I didn't quite know what to think. 
I pretty much knew the babies gender...
I wanted to hear her say it though... But her office protocol didn't allow that. So I said what gender I thought I was having due to all the movement.

As she showed me my precious Ray Rae one last time she said 'looks like ....but just let your doctor call you to confirm'

Just as she said that I got to see the gender on the screen!  Yay!! Now time for the reveal...

I walked out of that office in a daze...I quickly got myself together as my ride came to pick me up.   2 weeks of secrecy...this should be interesting :/


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