Week 20- Father/ Son Bonding

Symptom/s of the Week: Itchy chest area! :/ Would you believe these babies are producing milk ALREADY!!?? Sometimes I even leak...GOODY! (this is a norm for me in pregnancy...I have always been a milk making machine haha)

3 Peaks of the Week: 1) We announced we are having a Boy!
                                   2)I began to register for baby items...always fun
                                   3)Registered at our new hospital!

Freak of the Week-The name we have picked for Little Ray Ray and all the signs pointing to calling him that!  I will be posting a "signs" post very soon!

Peev of the Week: Low Energy Level. My energy was so low this past week the night before my reveal I was tempted to cancel out of exhaustion. :0

Baby & Bump- Ray Ray is the size of a banana! Grow baby grow! I feel him moving on a regular basis!

Craving of the Week- Wraps & Subs with pickles and hot peppers on them!  I still can't get over the fact I like pickles! :O

Father Son Time

From the moment we found out our little bambino was a 'he', Gary and I have been ecstatic!

Gary always has said" it's ok, it doesn't matter what we have'.  But I have always known deep inside he did want a boy this time round.  Kinda of an innate 'man' thing.  Now that we have one he is as PROUD as ever!

When I first told him after the ultrasound,  I had to downplay it a bit.   I really didn't know if he would keep the secret till our reveal.  At that point I was like 'stupid reveal I just want to tell everyone"
A few day later when the doctor called to confirm it was a boy I figured I would just go ahead and tell him it was official.   He told me how that day he had told his mom we were having a boy and even told a lady at work he was expecting a son and naming him Preston Ray.  To anyone who knows my hubby he is not easily excited, so seeing him this excited was heart melting. That night as I prepped my gender reveal decor he asked if I was excited!  I exclaimed yes!!

We went to bed and Daddy got to feel Preston for the very first time at 20 weeks!  It was faint but hard enough for him to feel.  The moment he placed his hands on my belly Little Ray started kicking up a storm.  Like he was greeting his Daddy for the first time.

At church Gary announced our babies gender officially and told them how he was praying his son would be twice the man he is! That he would grow up to be a preacher of the gospel!  And that our precious daughters would be pastors wives and use their gifts for the ministry.  My eyes began to fill with tears, that had been my prayer as

Afterwards someone said to me "congratulations on your son".  Son? SON!! My son, I am gonna have a son! I nearly cried...this really isn't gettinng old anytime soon.  Needless to say I am in heaven, with two precious beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way! Can life get any better? :D


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