Week 22 Quickie

Symptom of the Week: Lots of energy! HURRRRAAAYYYY!!! I feel much more energetic. What a blessing!! Having energy during pregnancy is a coveted feeling...BELIEVE ME! Another funny symptom...I had been carrying low this pregnancy, but as my tummy has grown Little Ray Bay has made his way up higher and higher.

 Peak of the Week-the weather is warming up here in Toronto. At work my after school class and I enjoyed lots of sunshine outside, instead of the usual rush indoors. This pregnancy I have had a bit of cabin fever. My last pregnancy I was pregnant from Jan-Oct. I got to spend most of it walking outside and being active. Not so much this pregnancy being pregnant in October. I can't wait to get walking again and active again!

 Freak of the Week-this isn't a bad freak, but still freaked me out. I was laying on my back one night and felt a 'tube' in my stomach. I was sort of able to clutch it with my hands. As I did, it moved a way and then kind of knocked me back! It was probably my babies leg or arm. It was such a strange sensation. To feel a body part so distinctly was mind blowing. Especially this early. Usually you don't see/feel parts sticking out until the last trimester.

Craving of the Week- Chicken Enchilada's!  Made those babies on saturday...but the shredding chicken was enough to put me off eating them for quite some time! TOO much work! LOL

 Peev of the Week-the ever growing body...I love my baby bump to death...but I am having trouble knowing what to wear. Especially for church. Looking forward to the season change as summer clothing seems a bit more 'preggo' friendly. I don't care to go shop for maternity gear all over again... But my love for fashion caused my to buy this maxi dress this week! Lol

 Bump &Baby- Size of Papaya or Ken barbie! Haha imagine that?


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