Good Bye Nea Rae....Hello....

For fun before we knew the Gender we made both girl
& boy Gender Reveal

Goodbye Nea Rae...hello...
 I have never picked names for my future children prior to having children. When I found out I was pregnant with my first the quest for names began. I liked Elijah & Layla. When I found out she was a girl we were settled on Layla. That is till the day she was born and Tiana randomly was presented. I fell in love and probably was severely fatigued and would have agreed with any name at that point. Hence her 2nd middle name being Shante?? Who needs two middle names? Lol

 Then came pregnancy number two. Once again I was back to the drawing board name wise. I had grown out of Elijah for boy and was blank for girl names. I really wanted a boy and thought Isreal would be a great boy name. Hubby didn't agree...Jedidiah was his suggestion...Jedi-what? I am convinced this is why God gave us a girl. We could not come to any agreement. I was set on Isreal and hubby some name for star wars.(it's actually biblical but all I hear is Jedi) Our daughter suggested the name Miya for a girl and once she said it we all were settled on the name. It just fit! Here I #3 but this time, I had some names in the reserves. I know this is our last child so I don't mind sharing the names now.

 Funny enough as I attempted to convince myself I was having a girl days before my ultrasound, this name just wasn't settling with me like it had before. (Ha no wonder...I was having a boy) Around the time I had Miya I also liked the name NEA. Also spelled Nia, pronounced Nee-aaa. I like short sweet simple names for girls and Nea was a perfect candidate. Coupled with Rae and I was in 'girl name heaven'. However this name never floated my boat like the boy name did.

 Unto more exciting news...our boy name! This name hasn't been super top secret as I can never keep things that are exciting to me a secret from those I love and care about. So some reading this may already know. This name I am not 100% sure of where I heard it first. I know it's a friends family members name as well as a city in Nova Scotia ( a place I love due to the ocean). The name actually means spiritual place or pastors/priests town. How fitting?

When I fell in love with the name I wrote both names NEA Rae and this name in my Google keep. I didn't share with hubby...I didn't want to ruin a good thing. Fast forward a couple months ago and I casually say to hubby' what do u think of this name? 'Hubby loves it! What?? No Return of the Jedi suggestions? We had to be having a boy! So without much further ado I introduce my future sons name to you!

Preston Ray Rodney

 Good Riddance to Nea Rae... It's up for grabs for any's too pretty of a name to go to waste :D


  1. I LOVE the name Preston!!! It was one of the names I picked for my future son lol

    1. Aw thanks Amy. And u can't still use it! I certainly don't mind! : .
      It's a lovely name :)


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