Spring Summer Wardrobe

Words can NOT express how happy I am winter is behind us!  Usually I love fall and winter for clothing.  I love boots,turtle necks, pencil skirts and the like...but being preggo my style just wasn't working.  I also wasn't about to go buy a whole new maternity wardrobe for my last child. Kinda silly.

So with spring and summer upon us I was delighted to pull out my spring/summer  wardrobe!

Flowy dresses, maxi dresses, fit and flair dresses...how perfect for the pregnant woman??  And did I mention they look even cuter when you have a baby bump???

See I have never been keen on summer clothing because I find I often look like I am swimming in my dresses. Or I have some dresses I rarely wear because they are for bustier ladies...def not an issue for me this summer!

My eyes literally lit up with excitement as I pulled out my clothing today.  I felt like I just went shopping and I didn't spend a dime.  Also a good friend blessed me with her maternity summer dresses when she was pregnant past summer... So all round I will be styling this season!

Reason this has me so excited is I really had visions of being this cute well dressed momma. Though I didn't look hideous this past winter...I still wasn't impressed and finding clothing to wear was a HUGE stress ALL the time!

Here are a few of spring/ summer outfits :D


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