27 Weeks...third trimester here we come

Photo Credit to Big Sis Tiana
Here we are...what feels like the home stretch. One trimester left to go!!
It's bitter sweet...a friend had her baby over the weekend and that definitely added to my anxiousness to see my little Preston! Alright here's the update:

Symptoms of the Week:
This is my first week really having notable back discomfort.  Mostly when I sit down for too long or bend!  I bought a mop this week (first time owning a mop in 4/5 years...always get down on my hands and knees and scrub-a-dub-dub) yet, even using the mop I notice I got little back spasms.  I bought it thinking it would be better for me, since I am only allowed to do 'light cleaning'.  Feel like more work than getting on my hands and knees.  

Craving of the Week:  This week cherries have been on the brain.  I usually buy frozen cherries.  So it satisfies my need for something cold, sweet and healthy!  I love that they are pitted for me.  Makes it easier to eat.  Other than that I haven't really had any strong cravings.  I still prefer salty to sweet...but my sweet tooth has come back a bit the last couple weeks.  I found my cravings were a lot more intense in the first trimester... Now they are more just 'desires'.  But if I don't get it, it's all good!

Peak of the Week- with 12/13 more weeks of pregnancy left, hubby and I realize our lives are about to change quite a bit.  So for the next 12/13 weeks till babies born we are going to make special effort to weekly do something special together and cherish some alone time. For the first few months having a new born that can be nearly impossible.  And really not the season you even care to be away from your child.  Last night we went for caramel decaf Latte's (a new fav of mine) and for a drive.  The longer I  am married the more I enjoy my husbands company.  He is one of the best of friends any one could ever have and has been such a huge support to me over the years.  Sorry for all that pathetic gushy wooshy ranting... But I want my little Preston to know how amazing his daddy was while mommy was pregnant... So one day he can be the same support if not more for his wife!

Peev of the Week- can't say I have any this week lol. I think I covered them in my Peev Post. Haha.  One thing that was bothering me but got squared away at my Dr apt was my 'due date change'.
My due date was changed to July 2 but after speaking with my Dr she agreed to leave it at my original date July 13.  Hurray!  The reason I wasn't to keen on the change was because I don't want to end up prematurely inducing.  Hospitals will induce you at a week past your due date. If my due date is July 2 that still brings me a week earlier than my original date and I am almost 100% my original date is correct.  I know down to the date when this little boy was conceived and I know my last period dates...so to me the ultrasound at 25 weeks is just showing I am gonna have a BIG Boy.  When I had my fundal height measurement, my Dr said my tummy measured a week bigger. I also don't have big hips for my little one to bury into so my belly is all forward.  From behind you cant tell I am preggo! I also carry nice atooo high... I have very strong stomach muscles and my doc said that can be a reason I carry so high and out front.  My muscles are holding everything up and in.  It  looks like a basketball is shoved under my shirt.  Totally cute!!

Bump and  Baby-
This little guy is 15-16 inches.  And the size of a cauliflower?? Lol these fruits and veg are getting more and more crazy by the week!   His kicking has simmered down this week. But I think one main reason is that he's getting too big to be doing summersaults in my tummy anymore.  The other day he
stretched out so long my tummy looked like I had swallowed a football!!  I started doing something called 'kick counts'. You basically sit or lay down for one hr and the goal is that the baby kicks 10 times within that hour.  Preston will always kicks l0 times way under that amount, so I don't stay for too long. But it's a sweet mommy/son time and a good way for me to know all is good under the hood!!

The only 'flower" in this house are these pretty flowers given to me from a sister in church! 
I couldn't find any cauliflower at the grocery store this week!  But I will keep looking before
the week is up so I can get my official picture! :D


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