Preggo Perks

Well I already did my peev post so here's to all the things I LOVE about pregnancy.

1) Daily witnessing a miracle take place in my body! May sound a bit cliché... But go through it and you will understand!

2) The special treatment- Everyone from family to friend, stranger to treats a pregnant women with this solemn respect and favor.  Maybe it's just me but, I get doors opened for me, meals prepared, back rubs offered and basically treated like royalty for 9+ months.  This doesn't happen to this extent at any other time.  Add bedrest to that and wow your treated like the Queen of England!

3)The beauty.  Though it can make you feel fat and not the hottest at times...there is a special beauty of a pregnant women.  A glow, a joy, a radiance like no other.  Even I look at pictures of myself sometimes and think 'wow I look so beautiful'. Haha...I swear I am not vain! Lol

4) The food!  Maybe it's just me but food tastes better when I am preggo.  Maybe it's because of the cravings...but I never enjoy food to this extent as a non pregnant lady.  Probably why I have gained 20ish lbs so far!  Lol. Enjoying food a little too much!  Actually my weight gain is pretty normal... But since when does putting on 20 plus pounds feel normal?

5) Something Grand to look forward to.  For the next 9months you have one thing on the brain. One event that will change your life and bring the most happiness you will probably ever experience.  And every day you get to look forward to that.  While the average person is looking forward to what?...The weekend?  Lol

Oh how I love pregnancy.  Can't believe it's almost over.  But I went in prepared... Knowing it's our last. I have no regrets!  I have cherished it all thus far!  And look forward to relishing in the last few weeks of preggohood!:)

Below is Miya getting all ready for her little bro. Every day she goes into his room and plays with his clothes or toys.  Pretends to put him to sleep in his bassinet.  So so neat to see the difference between a 4 year old and an 11 year old, in terms of reaction to having a  new sibling. Miya is like overjoyed and Tiana is more neutral.  Happy but not overboard. Lol


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