Preggo Peevs

Pregnancy really is a wonderful thing! And I truly enjoy it and have loved it all.  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...this little man is worth every discomfort, scare and stress...but can we just be real here for a post...sometimes it sucks!! There are some things that really irk me about pregnancy...and I just figured I would get them off my chest!

1)Skin Changes...this pregnancy has given my skin trouble from  day one! And i know some people may look at my pictures or see me and think 'what is she talking about?'.  But truth me told the places that are affected most I hide-able for me.  My eczema on my arms, hands, legs, back and neck has been the WORST ever since that test went positive 6 1/2 months ago.  I should have known from then I was having a little boy because with my girls my skin great...apart from pregnancy mask! But hey we cant't have it all!

2)My ever growing booty and boobies!  While yes I love being a full figured woman... this is just a little to much junk in my trunk! LOL Dressing modestly is so much more challenging and I am constantly self conscious about how 'shapely I look". I know some women are probably thinking "die, die now" and would kill to have "a full figure"....I think it's not the body that bothers me but the "ooh la la comments and stares" that come with it...bringing me to my next peev
Tummy rubs actually don't bother me,
but i know some women hate it!

3) Unwarranted comments about my appearance. Listen I am pregnant I am growing a baby, my body is gonna change and grow!  I am not sure where people got the idea that a pregnant women wants to be called "big, chubby, sooo pregnant, thick or puffy'.'s not a compliment and can send a preggo lady to the bathroom in tears...true story!! LOL  SO if u aren't pregnant all you should ever say to a pregnant lady is 'you look beautiful' 'you're glowing' 'awww what a cute baby bump'....or shut up and talk about the weather!  HAHAHAHA!! We don't want a break down of our size and what is or isn't getting bigger.  This can also go for  a women  carrying smaller than usual...that can cause much stress on a mom too!!
Aahhh felt so good to get that off my chest

4)The Scares- having a baby is a serious miracle.  And can even be a dangerous one.  I have had two easy breezy pregnancies...and took them totally for granted. Experiencing a high risk pregnancy has shown me how fragile life is in the womb.  Though these scares have really taught me to appreciate a healthy pregnancy, they are totally annoying, making me miss the pregnancies where i lifted entire sofas, built cribs and worked out like a non pregnant woman.

Apart from those little hiccups pregnancy truly can be a walk in the park!!


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