26 Week Update

Symptom of the Week-Tears! This week my emotions have been on an all time high!  Very annoying . I cry for anything... Good or bad!  It's ridiculous!
Craving-Jamaican bun, cheese and fried fish!  Easter did me well this year! My fav thing about Easter food is the traditional Jamaican bun and cheese with fried fish.  I had MORE food than any preggo lady could ask for or should probably eat.  Needless to say this week I will have to take it easy after my over indulgence in the yummy Easter food :D I probably gained 10 lbs in one weekend lol

Peak- Little to no contractions! So happy those have subsided.  I guess bed rest is helpful after all. Another peak was hubby and I booked a 'baby moon' for mid may.  A sweet little getaway before the Mister comes!  I am thoroughly excited for that. And by then my bed rest will be coming to an end so I will be able to WALK freely . Lol.

Peev- See my last post on preggo peevs! LOL  My appetite is back this week...so we know what that means :0  LIttle Preston's going to be packing on some pounds...and me too....sadly! LOL

Bump and Baby- Well at 26 weeks my little man is about the size of a cucumber and at 2 1/2 pounds. I personally think he is longer and weighs more.  When he tries to stretch out in my tummy it actually hurts sometimes.  He's def a big boy!  My oldest was 9 lbs 5 oz...I hope he doesn't get that big. Hahaha!
Big sister Miya had to get in on the weekly
Bump action

Me & Hubby 6 1/2 months preggo

Suffice to say this bump is growing lol


  1. Oh my gosh Vic! Why you so gorgeous??
    Miya looks just like you :)


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