My Preggo Must Have's

For 40 weeks a woman will grow an entire human being(sometimes two or three) in her womb.  That's a lot of work.

Did you know that a pregnant woman's body sleeping is working harder than the average single person awake?

So we have a lot going on inside and this can be at times uncomfortable.  Our hair,skin, body,appetite and emotions completely change!

So during my 40 weeks I have clung to some of these things for comfort!

Maxi dresses-this is only something I have been able to tap into for the last 15 weeks of pregnancy...but praise God.  Soo comfortable and roomy for my growing belly.

H2O-lime water, lemon water,fruit infused or just good old tap water with ice has kept me hydrated when my insides felt like the Sahara desert.

Pillows galore-this once again is a final stage of pregnancy necessity.  I have a body pillow and three extra large pillows to keep my comfortable at night!
Without these night time would be a nightmare!

Cereal-  I don't know what it is about cereal but I could eat it any time of day. Makes a wonderful snack or meal! :D
My fave cereal is organic crispy rice with almond milk or organic milk.  We are big organic milk/dairy drinkers. 

'The Help' - this is my first pregnancy I have had so much help doing things. Whether is be babysitting, cleaning the house, bringing meals.  Honestly having help during pregnancy is a HUGE blessing. And something this time round I really did need! Thanks a bunch to all my helpers... You guys are a blessing!!

If u are preggo or have been preggo what are your pregnancy must haves??


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