Pregnancy Week Comparison & Week 29

Symptom of the Week- This week I had mild  nausea. Very strange as I didn't have much sickness this pregnancy.  TMI ALERT: My nipples have been so stinking itchy.  I have already been producing colostrum (first milk baby drinks) and I am assuming when I leak and it crusts over(gross lol) that causes the scratching.  It's driving me nutty! Well at least I know things are working in that department! LOL

Craving of the Week- Jello and frozen fruit.  Green jello to be specific. On Saturday my girls and I made two batches of jello and finished it all in one sitting.  They also share my jello love. I also have continued to love burritos!

Peak of the Week: A good friend from my daughters school brought me this yummy dish called Nassi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice).  Love love love it!  And she blessed us with MORE baby things.  Gotta love that lady! It was soooo nice seeing her too! I also got to see another friend who used to attend our church at a wedding this weekend. I was overjoyed to see her....and she had two nautical inspired outfits for Preston!
People are just too good to him! Lol But who's complaining?

Peev of the Week-Swelling!  Ughh. The dreaded face puff has come into full affect. Though my water retention isn't bothering me that much I looked back at a photo of my pre preggo self and was like whoaaaa where did my face go.  I somewhat like my preggo face better... As it glows and just has a cuteness about it...but there are times I wish I was a 'belly only' weight gainer.

Freak of the week- I keep dreaming my baby is coming early! :0  My latest dream was the most vivid of all my dreams.  I distinctly saw his long legs, eyes, full head of hair and fair complexion.  I wonder how much he will look like the baby in my dreams.  In my dream he resembled my Dad if anyone.
Every time I dream of him my excitment grows stronger and stronger. I just can't believe I will have a precious son! :D My dreams have freaked me out a bit because I tend to have dreams that come true. Atleast realistic dreams.

Bump and Baby

This week he is 15-16 inches weighing from 2.5 to 3 lbs.  Crazy to think he is almost half his birth weight already! :0  He is the size of a butternut squash!  Below is a photo of me at 29 weeks withmy 2nd to the left and 29 weeks with 3rd to the right.  My bump is a little bigger now, but when i looked at next weeks photo of Miya, I  think it's just the outfit that made me look smaller.   In both pictures the face puff has set in.  My hands are a bit swollen too.  And over all my body feels puffier. I usually retain quite a bit of water during pregnancy and find it crazy how quickly is goes away after birth!
I have yet to step on the scale this week, but I have a OB apt on Thursday where I am sure my weight gain will send me into a two day depression! HAHAHAH!  I just can't get used to seeing the scale increase...regardless of how cute it looks! LOL


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