Week 19 Quickie

Almost half way there folks!!

Symptom of the Week- preggo glow...I think my glow has finally arrived!  Or my lotion and gallons of water intake are finally kicking in.  This pregnancy my skin has been super dry, seeing a  slight shine is worth celebrating!

Peev of the Week- I haven't been sleeping well and when I do knock out, I am so tired I wake up on my stomach :/

Peak of the Week- Took my last Old Wives tale gender predictor test!  Using drano liquid!  Result was boy!! Can you believe it??  If Ray Rae is a girl...she defiantly is one tough cookie!

Craving of the Week- a spicy chicken sandwhich from Nando's (never fulfilled this one though)

Freak of the Week- Didn't feel the baby move for a day and a half.  Wasn't too concerned as Ray Rae could be moving while I am asleep, got it checked out anyhow!  Heard the heart beat at a steady 130(old wives tale BPM still indicating boy)

Bump- Rae Ray is the size of mango this week!


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