17 Weeks & another year older

Each Monday I hit another week of preggohood.  This week I hit two milestones..the big 1-7 and the bigger 2-9.

Being pregnant on my birthday was more than I could ever ask for.  The day was fabulous.  With all the snow it turned out to be a snow day, so my hubster & kids got to spend the whole day with me.

To my pleasure I spent most of it sleeping.  Waking up for meals being brought to my bed! 

That evening Gary took me out to the Keg (my fav restaurant).  To my pleasant surprise friends of ours were already waiting there to surprise me.

This week, I also had my first obstetric appointment.  I much anticipated seeing this doctor again. She had given me emergency surgery this past summer.  She told me once I get pregnant again to come see her.  So it was very meaningful to see her face again...as basically this lady saved my life.

The wait time was horrendous but, was quickly made up for by her sweet demeanor and service.  She spent about 30-40 minutes talking with me and going through every detail possible.  
She even discussed in detail what I should be eating and when.  Heck this is my third pregnancy 'I know'.  But I sooo appreciated her care and concern. Not every day you find a doctor like that!

At the end of the visit she checked the babies heart rate and said 'want to know my guess?' I quickly said 'sure'. She replied ' I think you're having a little girl'. I smiled wide as if she was really telling me the gender and I asked why?  She said she 'just guessed'....but based on the babies heart rate she should really guess boy as little boys have low heart rates'. Little Rae Ray's heart rate was 130 BMP.

Now both my girls have always been in the 160-170's.  So I am quite interested to see if that old wives tale rings true or false for this child.  Will my Doctor be right or the old wives tale...soon we will know :)

Baby is the size of a pear this week..picture coming later on this week!


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