Something Nautical :D

If someone would have told me years ago I would have been blogging about nursery decor, I would have smacked them in the face and exclaimed 'are you out of your mind?'

How we change over the years?
But this particular nursery theme isn't just picked from a hat or something I like cause it's trending.

It means more to me.
For as long as I remember I have been captivated by the sea and ocean.  I could watch it forever.  Two years ago, I went to Nova Scotia to visit my friend Sheri-Lynne, she  will tell you I was in 'AWE' by the water.  I have always been like this.  I wanted to take my wedding photos by water...but Hubby kinda changed that plan -__- When I was 10 and went to England they took me to the beach and I remember being infatuated by the water. Watching the waves and dreamed of sailing on a boat at watching the sun set.  When I was 8, I went to Jamaica and sat on top of the hotel (yes on the very roof) just to watch the sun set on the needless to say Sea life has always been a secret obssesion of mine.  Oh,if I could live by water!! Anyhow the nautical theme screams of a journey.  Life on sea is a journey through waves and deep waters.  Through beauty, sun sets and sun's a journey of life. Much like having a child.  The anchor will be the most popular symbol in my nursery and symbolizes how our child will always be anchored to our hearts.  Immovable, stable, constant, dependable.  Those anchors will remind Little Rae Ray not only are Mommy and Daddy the anchors in your life but ultimately Jesus Christ is the anchor of his/her life!

As corny and silly this may sound to some(even a little to me)'s very meaningful to me. And in my opinion worth a post in 40 weeks of heaven! 


  1. Oh my gosh...look at the name on the quilt I actually registered for. The middle name is Ray! Is that a sign? Hehe. Also my maiden name was Taylor. I only noticed after I posted!!

  2. Love it Vic -sentimental meanings and reminders are precious! - haha to the blanket!

    1. Thanks Jess! I am not overly sentimental but this one hold close to my heart

  3. This is a great theme! Wow love it!


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