18 Week Quickie

As the weeks progress every Wednesday I will post a quickie update of my 'symptom, craving, peev and peak of the week'.

Let's start with week 18 baby!!

Symptom of the Week-The much dreaded 'face puff'...atleast I don't look old :D

Craving of the Week- cereal all day every day!  Even 3 AM....sitting on my stairs with my bowl( good times)

Peev of the Week- annoying people...ya those people that just live to annoy you...well my patience is at an all time low this week for those precious souls...here's to more patience next week!

Peak of the Week- Super sweet friends planning my shower...ALREADY!!!???!!

Bump- Rae Ray is the size of a sweet  potayter!

Happy Wednesday!


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