Cravings Galore! & Goodbye week 17

Since the moment I found out I was preggo, cravings have inundated my mind & tummy.

Some of it I must agree...probably is in my mind!  But then, there are just those days you know you are fighting more than a mind battle.  Hormones and the forces of pregnancy have united to make you miserable until you eat just what you are craving.

I have had this moment several times through out my 17 weeks of pregnancy...

Today's  was no different!  A  meatball sub with mustard and jalapeño peppers was on the menu today(which one of the brothers at church kindly rushed to subway for me to get just minutes before service was starting). If that's not a disciple I don't know what is?  Hahaha!

Some other cravings I have had:

Burgers with lots of mustard
Pickles- that's deep because I HATE pickles
Sour patch candy
Italian food-anything
Red meat
Caesar salads
Garlic anything!!
Lemon water

I usually get some sort of craving every other day.  It usually starts because someone is telling me what they are having for dinner...and then Baam...I just HAVE to have it! Today was because Abigail was describing her sub to me!!

Ah well...I enjoy it!  The one time in your life you can be eat whatever and make excuses for it!!  Within reason of course...wink wink!

Here's to 17 weeks of pregnancy!  
The baby is the size of a pear this week!


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