A Trip Down memory Lane

My memories of being pregnant have  always been fond ones...however, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read my past pregnancy blog to see how true this really was!?

I was shocked to find days I didn't want to be pregnant any more and all the boo hoos I long forgot about!

Will I experience that this time?
This time I find myself smiling at my self at random moments as my precious bump is finally a 'bump'. 

Not a 'maybe she ate too many fries and soda' tummy.  I find myself beaming from ear to ear...and it got me thinking, just maybe I wasn't like this for my previous pregnancies.

I know for sure I was excited and over joyed, but I must admit with this pregnancy I have felt just a little bit more over the moon than usual.

Reason being...this will be the last time I will be walking down this road.  My doctor smiled and told me 'you just never know'.

Ha...oh do I ever...I will be 30 next year! I always vowed I would never ever  ever have a child in my 30's.  I had my first at 18...so maybe you can understand why? And I cherish being a 'young mama'! 

Almost half way through my pregnancy I am slightly saddened.  These are 18 weeks I will never get back.  I will never have this experience again!  Well I better live it up...puffy face and all!! Hahaha

Cool moments this week:

Rae Ray joined me in the shower! The other day I was in the shower and looked down at my bump.  Within seconds I saw a thud through my tummy!  Rae Ray is now strong enough to let me see her/ him from the outside. 

Youngest is in love!  Last week we went to visit friends of ours who have one of the cutest sons known to mankind. My daughter has been completely on the 'I want a little sister'  band wagon, but after meeting my friends son, has officially changed her mind that she wants a brother.  In the car on my way home from church with a few friends yesterday my youngest announced to the car 'Mommy is having a boy....I even prayed for it'.
She is becoming more and more attatched to my belly...reminding me of my oldest with her. 

I was scratching my stomach the other day and she quips' Mommy stop scratching I don't want the baby to get all messed up'. Loool

These moments are priceless and remind me just why I am so in love with pregnancy!  Discomforts, emotional nonsense and all!!

Baby Size
My little Ray Rae is the size of a sweet potato!  I think that's a cute Nick name for the bump too! Add some sweet potatoes to your diet this week. They are high in iron and calcium.  Studies show they help reduce cancer and are quite versatile.  They also are not your typical carbohydrate...very good replacement if you are trying to trim the waste line.  HA.... I eat them to help expand mine!!

Tune in tomorrow for my Bumpshot & my Week 18 Quickie :) hehe


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