Ray Rae's on the move!

This may be my third pregnancy,however getting used to another human growing, moving and stretching in your stomach is never an event that becomes common place!

I first felt Ray Rae move at 9 weeks.  It felt like little thumps. They say each pregnancy you feel the baby move earlier. 

Ray Rae is a VERY active baby.  As the weeks progress the action becomes greater and more evident!!

Now I can see Ray Rae move through my stomach and if someone is lucky they may even feel a kick. 

The movement always catches me off guard and causes me to pause and savor every single time!  I can only imagine how intense it will get as the weeks progress!!

This is my favorite point of pregnancy. My belly is a cute size, and I get to enjoy all the pleasures of pregnancy.  Special treatment, feeling the baby and a bump that makes me smile daily.

With half my pregnancy behind me I look forward to the following 20 or so weeks!  This is our last child and a pregnancy that was prayed for and will be treasured for the rest of my families life. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
I wont be posting next week until Saturday! So look out for my gender reveal post next week!!

Lots of Love


  1. So exciting!!! Will u still update us on the 28th?
    Cute photo!!


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