27 Weeks Pregnant

The Ripple Effect

Well my little bundle of joy had myself & Gary laughing last evening. I was lying down and the baby was doing all sorts of summer saults and crazy things and it looked like a ripple effect in my tummy!  It was hilarious, seeing the baby move & kick through my stomach!  It was wonderful for my family to see. It seems even more real than a kick.  Tiana was the most fascinated,the baby would respond to our talking to it as well as our touching my stomach.  Gary was halarious he's like i don't think we should press your belly its not good for the baby!! So protective!! LOL Other than that this week was good.  I have to go take the gestational diabetes test, i may take it in my 28th week. I already received the requisition for it, and they like  to take it in between the 26-28th week.  I am so tired of all these apts, i feel like i am constantly at the drs' and after 28 weeks my ob apt go from once every month to twice a month-and i live in north york & my ob is in Mississauga! So i don't like the commute unless i can get the car. Aaah well, life it sonly for a couple more months, i can't belive  only like 3 months left pretty much!! It is going very quickly, i guess cause summers are always so jammed packed with events so u don't have much time to notice how slow time goes.  This summer i have, an invasion team, picnic, ladies classes, weddings, showers, dinner event & a visit to montreal to visit my cousin.  Almost every weekend is booked! Actually come to think of it, every weekend is booked! Then come september thinkgs slow down a bit as its back to school, but the rally will make up for it & then its baby time!! YAY!!
ON another note, i watched a birthing video today-oh my word,i didn't know thats what goes on down there, OUCH!!! I know i did this before but i mean i wasn't looking obviously-an do kind of remember seeing a video in parenting class but wow, i can't unclench, it looked so painful! And they even shoed them giving an episiotamy!! OWWWWW I didn't get snipped thank God-but yeh definatly no one other than nurses should watch that, its not beautiful, like once the baby comes out its great but the process EEEWWW!! Sorry to all those who think child birth is such a beautiful thing, but perhaps you need to see this video and u may change your mind! The baby is the only beautiful thing about it!! Ahh, i feel traumatized! LOLHopefully i will forget about it in 13 weeks, but definatly i don't want any spectators for that event...just the dr & nurse, we need no one to look! LOL  If i were in the room i would look away for sure!! I will be in the room! LOL
Also my braxton hicks contractions have started, man those are quite uncomfortable, i don't remember getting them with my daughter Tiana. 


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