28 Weeks Pregnant!

I am officially tired of being pregnant this week! LOL
I feel huge & I can't sleep, like ever!!  I toss & turn & then toss some more.My skin is all of a sudden acting up,it just feels irritable & i feel puffy! LOL
I don't feel like getting all dolled up!! I just want to sit in my sweats and see no one for the next 11 weeks!  If only that were possible!! LOL  I am not really in the mood for a photo this week,not that you can tell by the photo, just because one day i will appreciate the memory!As far as baby is concerned, the crazy summersaults have continued & the baby is like the length of a loaf of bread now! I can't believe I have something that big in my tummy!!  But when the baby kicks I am like-well it certainly feels like it! Sometimes the baby moves into these odd positions in my lower pelvis & i am like "WHOA", this feels interesting. Usually its when i go from standing to sitting! This odd feeling comes over my tummy,  I don't know if you have ever looked at what happens to a women's organs when she gets pregnant but my stomach has pushed itself up into my rib cage, the other day i felt sick, but not in where my stomach would normally be.  I was so puzzled, then i remembered my stomach is much higher than usual & thats most likely why my upper abdomen hurts!! On a brighter note-I am very excited to see my little one, i dreamt about it last night! I keep envisioning cuddling, and all the cute little things  babies do for the first year-and then they move onto another stage. Everyday Tiana makes my day when she comes and hugs my stomach.  I am surprised she doesn't ask me everyday  "When is the baby coming out?"Today she sang to may stomach, its very precious, I am so fortunate to have Tiana & am thankful God has blessed me with another child! Also finally my husband felt the baby kick twirl and thump last night!! YAY!  At first he was like ur doing it on purpose & then I think he realized I am not skilled enough to move my stomach like that! I was very Happy!! :D


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